Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Adding to the Rack- Forever 21 Is Trying To Bankrupt Me

Okay, that's not completely true (at least not today), but I will be if I keep making new orders practically every single week.

I believe that accessories are the cornerstones of a good outfit; a fab belt to highlight a cute waist, a statement necklace to add of pop of color and/or interest, a fierce shoe that showcase the legs and make people stop and nod with approval. They are all ways to add the punctuation mark to an outfit.

These new lovelies will work in a ton of different outfits!!

String of Hearts Necklace, available here

Twist Buckle Wide Belt, available here

I really need a black belt, but after being seduced by the cute outfits that Chloe of The Chloe Conspiracy created with hers, I couldn't pass it up when it reappeared on the website.

Check out her blog here

Photos courtesy of Forever 21 and The Chloe Conspiracy blog


  1. I agree with you on accessories.
    Can add a spot of personality and glamour to any outfit;-)

  2. Great find on that belt, love the little clasp!!

  3. @ Fashion,Art and other fancies- Based on what I see at your blog, you definitely know the power of a good accessory. You have lots of special pieces.

    @DEA- I can't wait to get it. That clasp just makes it extra special. :)

  4. cute belt!

    f21 is soooo on point lately! not a good thing for me b/c i am trying to STOP SHOPPING and wear what i already have.


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