Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Keep It Crisp and Clean

With the rapid arrival of Summer and the weather heating up quick, I broke out the white jeans yesterday and although I was a slightly sweaty mess, I felt cool and ready for the weather. I also proceeded to get the jeans nice and dirty with blue marks (courtesy of the dye that was on my tote bag from some dark jeans). Thanks a lot dark blue denim!!!

That means I am on a hunt for some new white pants for work and cute white jeans for play. That also means I don't want to spend a ton of money for a pair that will ultimately meet its demise with dirt, pens, and stains waiting around the corner to taint them.

Here are a few contenders:

Halogen Trousers, Nordstrom, $45.90 (they even come lined)

Paige Denim, Lou Lou Trumpet Jeans,, $179 (you can't see the pockets peeking through, major plus)

Slim Leg Jeans, Land's End Canvas, $49.50

Cafe Capri, J Crew, $69.50 (comes in white and would be perfect to show off some cute wedges or sandals)

And we can't forget the must have accouterments:

Flesh-tone panties,, $12 (comes in a range of tones for women of all races)

Tide To Go Pen (for those moments that you know that will happen just because you are wearing white pants):

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