Thursday, June 24, 2010

Outfit of the Day- Channeling Ms. Hepburn for the Shorties

At 5'4, I am considered average height for a woman, but when it comes to shopping for pants, I am squarely in the petite section. Most magazines tell petite women to stay away from capris since they definitely don't elongate the leg line, but I've always remained stubborn to this thought. I love the look of capris with a cute ballet flat, a la Audrey Hepburn. With that, I ignore the advice, throw on my cropped pants with a pair of flats and go along my merry way. Hey, there's not denying I'm short, I embrace that fact today and walk out into the world looking like the shortie that I am. Sometimes it's just not a day for some heels.

I stopped watching America's Next Top Model awhile ago, apparently I need to work on my broke down model pose.

Outfit Details:
Top- Lauren Conrad (Kohl's)
Black pants- Zara
Black flat slingbacks- Miu Miu (via Sak's outlet)
Red patent bag- Rebecca Minkoff Mini Nikki
Red aviators- Forever 21
Black studded bracelet- Hollywood Intuition for Target
Red studded bracelet- NYC street vendor (I almost bought this in lilac too and really regret not getting it. If someone finds something similar online in that shade for a decent price, let me know!!!!!!)


  1. That LC top looks great on you. At 5'1" I don't care what anyone says about capris I love 'em too!

  2. I think that "elongating the leg" rule is a whole lotta crap. I'm very in favor of capris!

  3. Lol, it's nice to know that other ladies out there throw that fashion rule out the window. We just can't be seen beside a really tall woman. :)
    WendyB, thanks for visiting, I love your blog, but it is very dangerous. Don't you know I have a jewelry addiction!!!


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