Monday, June 21, 2010

Outfit of the Day- It's Your Friendly Camp Counselor Here

I took a bunch of pictures after a long, eventful day and let's just say I wasn't too happy with them. That's why you'll be treated to just one today (be lucky it wasn't the very unflattering one where I look drunk/intoxicated. My photographer was sleeping on the job with that).
So the skirt I'm wearing today came from my after-work shopping trip to a few stores some weeks ago. I wanted a tan color skirt as a nice, neutral base to work around colorful tops, but after putting it on today, I'm not so sure about it. I feel like I'm wearing some kind of uniform, albeit a slightly nicer looking uniform, but still. Is there any way to make khakis and its cousin (tan skirts, dresses, or shorts) cool/hip/trendy?

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Outfit Details:
Pink cardi- Madewell
White lace trim tank- Gap
Tan skirt- Zara
Black shoes- Target


  1. Haha, I just bought olive green khaki-ish shorts the other day and was contemplating the same thing. I don't know if they'll ever fall into the cool/hip/trendy category, but I see them more as being classic and sophisticated, which isn't a bad thing, either!

  2. I've contemplated buying some green shorts too. Are you telling me I'll always feel like I'm wearing a uniform? :(
    I think it would help if I had an edgy top. Now I just have to find one of those, lol.


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