Thursday, July 8, 2010

Outfit of the Day- A Splash of Lime

Since I could not enjoy a icy cold margarita this lovely work day, I decided to add my own lime. This top is one of my last remaining pieces from the Isaac Mizrahi line for Target. Oh how I miss seeing his lovely creations on their racks!!
I scored today's grey skirt from a trip to a few consignment shops several weeks back. I loved the shape of it and thought it had an interesting texture. It is sort of like a pair of track suit pants, but as its much prettier cousin. I discovered it holds some magical powers when I spilled a little bit of my frozen lemonade from lunch and it wiped right off with no stain. No fancy-schmancy Tide-to-Go pen needed here!

Outfit Details:
Lime green knit tank- Isaac Mizrahi for Target
Grey skirt- ?? (secondhand)
Black Sandals- Zara
Black watch- Nordstrom
Black and lime green twisted bracelets- Hollywood Intuition for Target
Bead and metal necklace- ?? (no clue as this is super old)

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  1. that green is fantastic on you! i miss isaac's target line too.

    xoxo, ashley

  2. I adore your pics! your blog is really fun :)


  3. I LOVE that shirt. What a great find!

    And thanks so much for entering my giveaway, babe!

  4. I absolutely love the color of your shirt. It's so bright and cheerful and cute.

  5. You are so cute, I adore the lime green colour!



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