Thursday, July 29, 2010

So Easy A Cavewoman Can Do It!!!

Thanks to the very talented and stylish Linda of the Little Tin Soldier blog, I have had the instructions on how to create a simple and cute skirt. Now I have to confess that my sewing skills are quite rusty (I took a beginners class ages ago, so many I can probably count on two hands) and I don't have a working sewing machine (broke the needle when I got ambitious with denim), so this was all hand-sewn. I can barely get a straight line going with a ruler, so these stitches are in no way straight, but I used this left-over fabric to make a practice skirt.

Look what I can do!!! Now the bad news is that I can't wear this skirt. I made the waist too big, the stitches need to be straighter and I'm not crazy about this fabric. But this was practice and I know it is quite possible to create one. Check out Linda for illustrations on how to properly do it and I'll definitely showcase another skirt in the future once I work out the kinks.

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