Monday, August 9, 2010

Outfit of the Day- Sheer Pinkness

The concept of weekend dressing should be easy: throw on this, throw on that, maybe put on some make-up, slip on your shoes and out the door you go. My determination to wear this skirt made that quite impossible this weekend, as this skirt has been a problem "child" in my wardrobe for some time. I bought this skirt about two years ago after falling in love with the colors and the pleating, but the fact that it is sheer always created a question of what to wear underneath. My sense of modesty prevented just wearing it like normal and it wasn't until seeing another blogger with a propensity to rock anything long and sheer with a pair of leggings (and sometime biker shorts) underneath, that I finally solved the problem. Let's hope this skirt can be worn a lot less sporadically, any suggestions on how to make this skirt with a sheer delimma work again? Or should I retire it to the toss pile (but not without lots of tears shedding first)?

Outfit Details:
Lilac scoopneck tee- J Crew
Skirt- California Girl (secondhand)
Brown belt- H&M
Brown clogs- Tory Burch
Handbag- Louis Vuitton (secondhand)
Mixed metal necklace- Hollywood Intuition for Target
Sunglasses- Rayban
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  1. I love this outfit and those clogs are amazing!!!

  2. You are rockin the sheer skirt! Looks great! If you wanted to hem it, some solid tights, in a dark color, like deep purple, would look awesome too!

  3. I like it with the leggings! But you could totally do opaque tights or just wear a slip or a simple tank dress underneath it. I think it's too pretty to scrap!

    xoxo, Ashley

  4. loving the chain necklace! it adds a bit of edgy-ness to your outfit xoox

  5. Great skirt & I love the chain necklace.:)SarahD

  6. Thanks for the compliments and suggestions ladies, I really appreciate it.

    @ Hilary and My Republic- this chain necklace has been one of my favorite additions. Target is great for fun pieces.

    @ Ms. Emily Ann- I've thought about having it hemmed, but I'm afraid of ruining all of the lovely pleats. I'll definitely try out the tights when fall comes.

    @ Ashley- I love this skirt and am trying my best not to give it up. I'll keep an eye out for a tank dress because that could be an interesting solution. My only issue with a slip is would it look weird with a shorter slip because I don't think I've seen one that's really long.

    @ Helena- glad you like the clogs. I love them too. They make me feel retro and trendy at the same time.


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