Sunday, October 17, 2010

Outfit of the Day-Any Given Maxi Sunday

Another weekend comes to a close, I hope you got to have some fun. I just had a cry-fest watching My Sister's Keeper, got my hair done and enjoyed some pumpkin pancakes at breakfast with the bf. A sweet day if you ask me, especially since it included a nap. Being an adult usually means relinquishing your nap privileges, so when you can do it; it is the best. :)

According to the fashion magazines and websites out there, the maxi dress of the summer has morphed into the maxi skirt for fall. Seeing as I own all of one maxi dress, mine has to do extra duty. It would be a waste of closet space to have it sit until next summer, so I gave it a new life in the cooler weather with a cardigan. Layers are a godsend, what better way to get more mileage out of some items. Now lets see if I can give the sock and open-toe shoe look a try. My crystal ball says the outlook is hazy; perhaps that should be left to the really adventurous fashionistas out there.

Outfit Details:
Black maxi dress- Forever 21
Gray cardigan- The Limited
Black belt- J Crew
Gray wedges-
Black beaded necklace- H&M
Black bag- Rebecca Minkoff
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  1. great way to bring the maxi into fall. i may try this...


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