Friday, October 8, 2010

Outfit of the Day- P is for Purple

Last year I was obsessed with getting a pair of skinny cords. It was all J. Crew's fault as I can remember looking through the catalog and seeing a beautiful pair of deep purple cords. However, I missed the boat on them (pretty sure I was being cheap at the time) and cried about the lovely pants that never were. So imagine my delight in spotting a similar pair of rich aubergine skinny cords at Forever 21. Score for way less!!
Today was the perfect day to take them out of hiding, mid-70 degree weather with the sun shining and a slight breeze. No need to bundle up, but still able to wear a scarf or corduroys or suede or boots. I'm in heaven when fall hits!
Is the weather treating you nice in your neck of the woods? What fall item have you been dying to wear?

A little lunchtime shopping with a co-worker. Shh, don't tell the boss!!

Outfit Details:
Grey blouse- ?? (Marshall's find)
Aubergine skinny cords- Forever 21 (similar color and style available here on sale)
Gray oxfords- Forever 21 (similar in light gray available here)
Denim jacket- Gap outlet
Pink/purple leopard scarf- Forever 21 (look what popped up today)
Handbag- Louis Vuitton
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  1. I haven't worn cords in years, but they're really piquing my interest this season. Let's blame it on J.Crew in my case too. Why are their catalogs and their styling so darn tempting!?

  2. Becca, you aren't the only one that gets seduced by J Crew's styling. :) They even had me tempted to try sequin harem pants after last month, but I doubt that will be joining my wardrobe.

  3. I really like that scarf. I think I need to check my local Forever21 and hope they have it.

    I didn't care for cords until I saw a gray pair at J. Crew outlet last year. They were on sale which I thought was around $60 but at the checkout I found out they had additional % off so I only paid them around $12. Major score!

  4. Lilly, you should definitely check to see if that scarf is available at F21. This is one of my favorites!
    You scored a serious deal on your cords!!! You can't beat $12, that's for sure. I wasn't much for cords until a few years ago and now I have 3 pairs and would gladly get more for the fall.


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