Monday, November 1, 2010

OOTD-Who Wears Short Shorts in the Brisk Cold? I Do!!!

I'm determined to rock the shorts with tights look and that's exactly what I did this past Sunday. The bf and I headed out for a drive and I tricked him a little into shopping by making sure our destination included the outlets. I even tricked him into spending more than I did; my magical skills are growing stronger (mwah, ha, ha). One little shopping bag was it for me and I even stopped at Target to make sure the little kiddies would have some goodies to rot their teeth, but no one knocked at the door!!! What am I going to do with a $7 bag worth of chocolate? With the Thanksgiving yummy around the corner my waistline is not going to be a happy camper.

Did you have a fun Halloween? My friend and her husband hosted a party at their new place on Saturday. I dressed up as some kind of black hippie because that's all my mother could offer. I was hoping she could dust off some bunny or cat ears from 1982 or something, but her recent 70's themed party was the best she could do. I won't complain as I would have been a serious party pooper showing up as me on a regular Saturday night. To see what my boyfriend dressed as, see below.

Love, peace and soul dudes!

Have you guys met Windy Man?? If not, you are seriously missing out on the awesome, hilariousness that is Cougar Town!!! Wednesday @ 9:30 on ABC!!!!

Outfit Details:
Black button-back top-
Plaid shorts- Old Navy
Black flats- Chanel
Colorful knit scarf- Missoni
Handbag- Louis Vuitton


  1. Sunday was the perfect day to wear shorts with tights.
    Hope you had lots of fun at the outlets and party.

  2. Oooo, you def. rocked this look! You are inspiring me ...

  3. HI there...what a super cute blog you have!! I just found you:) I totally wear shorts when its cold out, lol...I wear them all the time..and yours are fabulous on you!!!

    Stop By and Say Hello♥
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  4. HAHAHA, your husband's costume cracked me up! You two must have so much fun together!

    I love your costume, by the way. It's cute and I think you look awesome and appropriately Halloween. And shorts with tights? That's a favorite look of mine too, so rock on!

  5. i love your outfit!!! and i really don't like most shorts/tights outfits LOL - but i love that you wore flats, and kept your outfit otherwise pretty simple. and your costume was fabulous :)

  6. @ Fashion Butter- thanks!! I've been getting a lot inspiration from other bloggers too with this whole shorts and tights look. Definitely give it a try!!!

    @ Collette- thanks for visiting. I took a look at your blog and can see you love the shorts and tights look. :)

    @ amy kelinda- husband!! lol, I wonder what my bf will think of that comment.
    I normally do no costume for Hallowen, but thought I'd wear something this time. Maybe I'll actually put some thought and time into a costume next year.

    @ grechen- :) I was never really one to wear shorts, but figured why not try out this trend and get some more use out of my tweed shorts.

  7. Oooo, you def. rocked this look! You are inspiring me ...


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