Monday, December 6, 2010

You Inspire Me, Fashion Bananas

Are you guys familiar with Delmy of Fashion Bananas??? I don't know when or how I found her blog, but ever since that day I've been a big fan. She knows how to do classy, sexy, girly, and fun all at the same time and it doesn't hurt that she's gorgeous too.

She recently posted a look that was relatively simple in elements, but still all of the things that I love about her outfits. I've had a blue button down shirt in my closet taunting me to wear it and her recent post inspired me to actual wear it again and to break out a pair of my favorite shoes. A party isn't complete without fun shoes. :)

My mother and I went to a shopping event at Nordstrom yesterday morning (can't believe I woke up so early to shop), so I snapped a few outfit pics in the dressing room. As you can see by the bag in the corner, I was naughty and included myself on the Christmas shopping list.

Check out Delmy's blog for more pics here

It buttons down the back

Outfit Details:
Blue button-back shirt- Forever 21 (real deal Elizabeth & James version in pink here)
Denim skinnies- Levi's
Mixed metal tangled necklace- Forever 21
Pink velvet heels- Marc by Marc Jacobs
Tan alligator embossed handbag- Rebecca Minkoff (similar color here, same style different color here)
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  1. she's one of my favs too!

    i like your take on this look.

  2. You did such a great job recreating her look, it's great!

  3. cute outfit and I love the button on the back

  4. Thanks guys!! Although it is simple, I really liked this outfit.


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