Friday, May 27, 2011

Notes from the Dressing Room- Dying to be Forever 21

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I thought I would switch up the outfit posting with a few dressing room reviews from Forever 21. Whether it's a store that you love or hate, you can't deny that there are a million things to try and plenty to love. For some, this store has the stigma of being full of disposable clothes and shoes, which can be true, but I have found some excellent pieces that have lasted me for several years. Can I add that I have had a real leather jacket from F21 since college!!!

I knew these reviews had to go up pronto because this store is a here today, maybe gone tomorrow place. I do want to note that the maxis I tried on were worn with flats and I'm 5'4.

Colorful Maxi Dress, $24.80, available here

I was instantly drawn to the colors of this dress. Seriously, wouldn't it be perfect for strolling around town on a hot weekend or frolicking on the beach. :)  I thought this was a great dress, but if you are in any way modest, this dress might be too low-cut (I was wearing a slip that day, which is what you can see in the middle). It did skim the body nicely and felt great to wear. 
Fit is true to size.

 Leopard Button-Down, $19.80, Not online anymore (Tag# 62097029014)
Colorful Striped Line Blend Shorts, $15.80, available here
I'm so sad that this top isn't online anymore because I thought it was fabulous. The fabric is a bit on the sheer side, but not so much that you can completely see through it. A nude colored bra would probably be all you need. It is cut higher in the front and lower in the back and I think it would make a great substitute for this Equipment blouse. The fabric actually feels substantial and pretty well made.
Fit is slightly big, depending on chest size you could size down.

I also think these striped shorts are great as well. The stripes are done nicely, not too thick or thin and although they are pretty short, these would be perfect for the upcoming super hot weather. I was almost tempted to purchase these, but put myself on a shorts ban for the time being.
Fit is true to size.

 Pattern Maxi Dress, $24.80, similar available here (Tag#00011330034)

I seem to want maxi dresses right now and just thought the detailing on this one was just so pretty. It has a plunging neckline (might want to wear a tank with this one), a tie-waist and ruffle trim at the bottom. It was so incredibly flowing and conjured up images of feeling so lady-like swishing throughout the town. So I had to buy it!!
Fit is true to size.

 Leopard Spots Ruffle Top, $19.80, available here
Suede Eyelet Trim Skirt, $22.80, similar here (Tag# 74687011024)

I'm usually weary of tiered tops because of how they can emphasis the chest in the wrong way, but this one gets a big thumbs up. The tiers aren't a-line and instead hang ever so lightly on top of each other. The orange leopard print is fun and would be perfect with some white jeans or even a cute short skirt like the one here.
Fit is true to size.

Speaking of this skirt, I thought they were shorts when I picked them up and was disappointed to see it was a skirt in the dressing room. This skirt has a beautiful trim, but is incredibly short. It did not pass the bend over test. I'm sure the length could work for some, but think it would have been much better as a pair of shorts and I would have snatched them up if they were.
Fit is true to size.

 Aztec Woven Skirt, $14.80, available here

I saw this skirt online first and was instantly smitten by the colors. It's a bit subdued, but at the same time has some vibrancy when you view it in person. This has a retro vibe and the material feels silky. Unfortunately, I tried this on in my normal size and the waistband was snug, so you might want to size up.

Abstract Woven Pants, $19.90, similar available here (Tag #00011536034)

If you're anything like me, you love a good skirt or dress, but sometimes a girl just wants to switch things up. I thought these pants look extremely easy to put on and go when the weather gets warmer. They definitely are and I kind of like them in theory, but they are just too similar to a pair of pajama bottoms. Plus, the fit leaves much to be desired; diaper bottom is not a good look. I think a more streamlined fit and no elastic cuffs at the bottom would make a world of difference.
Fit is baggy, size down.

So, what's your stance on Forever 21? Love it or avoid like the plague??
I hope you all have a wonderful, long weekend!!!!!


  1. I love F21 for cheap trendy pieces. Unfortunately I think most if not all of their maxis are way too long for me though, and I always have to second-guess items I am picking out for fear that they may be "too young!"

    The pattern maxi dress is gorge on you!

  2. Lisa, surprisingly, F21 has been the only place that I can find maxis that aren't ridiculously long where I need to put on 4+ inch heel shoes.

  3. I am *with* you on F21. I have a few pieces that have lasted for eons. It's amazing. One is a leopard jacket in the most awesome material. They reproduced/reissued it, but this time around the fabric wasn't *as* good. I'll be hanging onto mine. I ot that leopard blouse you tried on. It sold out in one day online. I'm crazy for animal print. Cute try-ons. I thought you were 5'7" or 5'8".

  4. I am loving that leopard blouse on you! I found one at the thrift store the other day except it's mostly brown. Did you buy it? We can be outfit twins!

  5. Gigi and Linda, we can all have a leopard shirt day!! I saw the leopard blouse online last week and immediately ordered it. Got it on Friday and started planning some outfits.

    @Gigi- I'm a bit on the shorter side, although I'm kind of happy that you think I look taller. :)


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