Thursday, July 28, 2011

Let's See What's In My Bag!!

I thought I would make a voyeuristic post today and let you guys see all that I like to lug around most days. So, you all know that studded lilac bag I've been carrying recently? A guy co-worker saw me with it the other day and wondered if I was headed to the gym. He thought it was a duffel bag. I thought that was hilarious and gives you an idea of how big this puppy is and much stuff I can put in it.

My stuff (in no particular order): Nook (where I log a ridiculous amount of time playing Angry Birds, oh, and read too), gum, skin balm, several lip glosses, one of several new CoverGirl lipsticks, plaid planner (I'm old-fashion that way), yellow notebook (courtesy of Marie Claire magazine), work badge, Stylit (so many outfit ideas, so little time), color pencils, Ray-Ban sunglasses, bridal book from the library, August J. Crew catalog, Secrets of Stylists book, pen, doggie umbrella, MbyMJ red wallet and a million receipts.

Not shown: Phone (of the non-fancy kind)

Speaking of bags, I've been in the process of clearing out my closet and cleaning house lately. I was going to sell some of my handbags and/or jewelry and thought about possibly doing a blog sale. But I wanted to gauge whether there was any interest or not. Here are a few bags that I'm thinking of letting go:

Pink Chanel, tan Miu Miu, Black Botkier Trigger, blue F21 messenger bag, green Marc Jacobs


  1. it is always interesting to see whats in somebody elses purse.
    i got a LV speedy 35 for christmas and it is also huge. now i wish i would have gotten the 30.
    i also sold a lot of my purses,not on a blog,but privatly and it felt good to not have so many of them.

  2. Well now you are just making me curious about seeing your entire handbag collection! I need some drool time, haha!

  3. Hmmmm, love that pink chanel ..wink wink!

  4. Love your collection of bags! And I can't believe you have the Stylit! It sold out before I could get one.

  5. @ina- My sil has a Speedy 40, so I know how big those babies are. I found a Speedy 25 and it fits most of my stuff with room to spare.
    I'm so glad to hear that you are enjoying a pared down collection. I'm sure I'd have small pangs of regret once one of them is gone, but I want a closet filled with things I wear pretty much all the time and doesn't collect dust.

    @Lisa- I might take a "family" picture one of these days.

    @Kenya- We can definitely make a deal!!!

    @Rosa- I seriously hope Beth makes more this year because I love mine. Definitely snatch one up if they pop up again!!


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