Wednesday, September 28, 2011

OOTD- Trying to be Sky High

Thanks to one Ms. Jessica Simpson, I am now in the possession of what I think of as borderline drag queen shoes. I bought them because they were the color that I'm craving for fall (wine/burgundy) and that heel and platform would give me grand illusions of being a lot taller than I am and any shoe that makes me feel amazon-ish is a big winner in my book.

I was inspired to pair purple and red together after seeing Rosa from Love at First Shop wear an outfit recently with that exact color mix that looked so beautiful and effortless. Her post also made me realize that my closet was void of really pretty blouses. So my fashion mission is to get my Mad Men on in the top department. Let's hope I can find them at 1960's prices too!

Is there anything that you are constantly on the hunt for but can never seem to find? White tees? Good black pumps? A Fair Isle sweater?

Outfit Details:
Lavender sweater- J. Crew (similar color on sale here)
Red jeans and necklace- Forever 21 (similar jeans in a wider leg here, similar in plus size here)
Burgundy heels- Jessica Simpson (available here, similar color in regular heel here)
Leopard handbag- Olivia + Joy (same bag different shape here)


  1. i am allways on the hunt for wellfitting basic tees,that are not too thin and not too short and feel soft.the one that fall in that category are usually the expensive ones.

  2. forgot to say,nice outfit!
    i am not daring enough to mix bold colors.

  3. I love all the shades of red.


  4. Thanks Ina!! You can always baby step your way into bold colors with accessories. A nice scarf or shoe can definitely do the trick.

  5. I totally agree!! I have had some luck finding good tees at Target and J. Crew, but sometimes the more expensive ones have the best feel and interesting detailing.
    I find it difficult to spot a great white button-down!!

  6. loving the color combo! those shoes look great too

    the egg out west

  7. drag queen shoes. *lol* hope you can find your mad men at mad prices. I can totally see you thrifting some goodies.

  8. You can never have too much of the same print....I suppose as long as you don't wear them all together.... :)



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