Monday, October 31, 2011

Notes from the Dressing Room-Back in Tops at J. Crew

You guys, I had no intentions of going to J. Crew, but with some time to kill before a party, I got sucked in and tried on a few things. Here are just a few tops for review (because I was being lazy about removing my shoes with laces that are a million miles long):

Stripe Vintage Thermal Tee in Heather Graphite, $45, available here
J. Crew is on stripe overload!! There were rows and rows of these thermal tops right by the door in so many colors and stripe variations. The subliminal message to try one apparently worked on me. This is a step up from just throwing on a regular tee when it gets colder because it has a thicker feel. I could see myself wanting to wear this layered under a cardi or vest, but be warned that it is definitely a more fitted style if you care to wear it alone. I would have to try this on in a different size and in the beautiful bright dahlia color. J. Crew sure knows how to do the pretty purples. Depending on your chest size or body shape, you might want to size up.

Boy Shirt in Blue Vintage Camp Flannel, $78, available here
This is definitely not something I would normally look to wear although I'm pretty sure I owned a black and white flannel shirt sometime in my high school years. I love the colors of this shirt, the blue is wonderfully vibrant. Surprisingly, this got a thumbs up from the guy because although it is not the most feminine top, apparently my lady lumps definitely help it out. :)
The fit is tts, the flannel isn't the softest, but it still feels fine on the skin and I have to say the colors are pretty. This top would lend itself well tucked into some skinny pants or cords with heels and even a skirt with tights and a nice shoe. 

Perfect Shirt in Royal Paisley, $88, available here
I have my heart set on this paisley print in the blouse form, but this was the only top available. I am now definitely on board with this print. It's interesting and has a nice mix of colors (green, yellow, pink, purple). This top is a cotton and silk blend that gives it a soft feel, but it does concern me that the silk would make it susceptible to possible tears and looking worn after lots of wear. These are all hypotheticals though and I think it would make a good buy if you are looking for something other than stripes to add to your closet. 

Shimmer Bow Sweater in Sparkle Pebble, $88, available here

I was all for a gold sweater, but this was just disappointing. There is a cute little ribbon at the back that creates a small keyhole opening, but that pretty much ends the good points. The fabric is itchy, prone to snags and thin; thin enough that you can see your bra through it and that's just a quality no "sweater" should have. It does come in a gray color that might alleviate the see-through issue. The concept of this sweater was good, but the execution was lacking. If this sweater happens to work for you, fit is slightly big

Silk Scoopneck Blouse in Seine Stripe, $98, available here
Just can't stay away from the stripes!! How could I resist when it came in a blouse version? I loved this top. It feels like it could be a thick silk, but it's a rayon blend. It does give the fabric a weighty feel to it. The stripes are placed in a way that is flattering. My only issue would be some seaming on the sides break up the lines of the stripes near the bust. I wouldn't find it a huge deal. I tried this on in a size up and the fit worked for me. I would say it is tts, although the busty ladies might want to size up.

That concludes my unexpected trip to J. Crew. I do have plans to check out some other stores in the near future, so you guys get variety here at Notes From The Dressing Room!!

Happy Shopping!


  1. Thanks for the reviews! I love that last top, so pretty and perfect for my stripe addiction.

  2. I adore the paisley print top. Thanks for the review!

  3. I'm glad you took the unexpected trip. Your reviews are so helpful. Thanks

  4. Thanks so much for these wonderful reviews!!!

  5. Love the shimmer bow sweater detail. :)

  6. i love flannels and i LOVE j crew.

  7. I love the paisley on you and the striped thermal. I am also stuck to stripes. I feel you ;)

  8. Great minds think alike! The paisley pattern is so flattering on you!

  9. I like all of the stripes and the sweater with the tie at the neck. There's a J Crew across from where I live, and I can't tell you how many times I walk by knowing what's inside, but resisting the temptation. There's a trench coat that's call my name, but I refuse to answer until there's a sale.


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