Thursday, October 6, 2011

Notes from the Dressing Room- Classic is Good Land's End

Lands End Canvas is currently having a fall sale and what great timing. I had the opportunity to visit this past weekend and take some dressing room pics for reviews. Take a look:

Ribbed Open Crewneck in Teal Green, $34.50, available here
This tee is so soft and has a nice ribbed texture.  If you are anything like me, then you have plenty of tees, but I would suggest making an exception for this one. The patch is so preppy (in a good way) and it adds a bit of interest. I would say to size down in this one. I tried it on in my regular size (L) and it had some extra room.

 Floral T-Shirt Dress, on sale for $39.99, available here
Hmm, the print is very cute and the cotton feel nice and thick, but the shape (or lack thereof) is just not right. I couldn't help but think that it looks like a hospital gown. Size down in this one for sure and definitely wear with a belt or under a blazer for a more flattering shape. 

 Button Up Poncho, on sale for $59.99, available here
I'm a bit set on getting a cape/poncho for some reason and thought I would see how this little jacket number would work. It has a nice lining and the feel of it is perfect as a fall topper (thick enough to keep you protected from the wind and slight cold air). The shape was a bit of a disappointment. The waist keeps it from being a simple block of fabric, but the top part is too wide and doesn't create a flattering look. Also, I don't know if I picked a defective one or if they were all like this, but the hood only fit halfway over my head. Definitely size down one, maybe even two.

Crewneck Sweater in Lilac Heather, $59.50, available here
Plaid Wrap Skirt, $69.50, available here

I had just come from J. Crew were I saw a wall of sun drench sweatshirts in a similar (darker) shade. I was really tempted to get it, but figured I didn't need anything sweat related. I spotted this sweater that looked the same in shape and was in the same color family and had to see how it compared. I love it!! The color is absolutely pretty, such a great soft purple/lilac. The fabric is soft and best of all it has such a cute feature, elbow patches. Although the patches aren't prominent, I still think that it is a nice touch for a basic sweater. I highly recommend this sweater!! Sizing is about tts.

Plaid patterns are usually a pass for me because I find that some can look a bit masculine. The skirt is an exception despite the black and white colors. This fabric is a soft wool, it has a flattering shape and the size of the plaid is eye-catching without being overwhelming. The length is pretty modest although it might be a bit short for taller ladies. I tried this on in my normal size and found the waist to be a bit tight. If you are between sizes, I would recommend going up one.

Patterned Chambray Shirt, on sale $29.99, available here
Corduroy Pocket Skirt in Dark Autumn Orange, on sale $29.99, available here

Excuse the silly face, I don't know what that's about.

I've seen this little polka-dot top in a few magazines and emails from the store and had to try it. Most chambray tops look the same, so the pattern on this one takes it up a notch. I love that aspect of it! The cotton fabric is a pretty thick and stiff though. Despite that, I really liked it and would consider buying this even though I already have a chambray shirt. Fit is tts to slightly big.

This skirt had a nice autumnal color, so I thought I would pair it with this top. The corduroy is wonderfully soft and has a good stretch. It has a simple a-line shape. I would give this piece a thumbs up, plus it comes in other colors too. I tried this on in a size smaller, so I would say it is tts.

Are you a LEC fan? I highly recommend you try them. Great customer service and quality!!

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