Monday, October 24, 2011

Notes from the Dressing Room-Feeling Cozy at J. Crew

I received J. Crew's November catalog almost 2 weeks ago and I was completely enamored with all of the gorgeous colors and there are so many wonderful looking coats and tons of outfits that I can totally create with my wardrobe. I love it so much that I look at it before bedtime and plan out an imaginary wishlist for when I win the lottery and can buy everything I want. :) I felt a trip to the store was in order to see some of these items in person, but sadly none were to be found. I did see a few other items that caught my eye, so here's a few reviews:

Fisherman Sweater in Heather Honey, on sale $69.99, available here
Cafe Capri in Houndstooth Wool, $138.00, available here

Although sweaters are an iffy thing for me, especially when it has lots of texture, I couldn't help but pick this out. I love the warm golden yellow color and the different textures are fabulous. It adds a nice hint of interest to something so basic. The only issue I had was a bit of itchiness, but not to the point of being unwearable. I tried this on in a size up which I would suggest if you like to have a bit of room in your sweaters. These are now on sale in lots of colors!

If the product description says plaid, I'm instantly intrigued because when plaid is done right, it looks greatly sophisticated. These pants are no exception. They look like something you would find on an old "professor" jacket complete with an elbow patch, but in a subtle way. The great thing about these capris are that they are lined which is definitely a plus for the cooler weather. The only issue is that they are capris. I used to have a co-worker who would wear her J. Crew capri pants and pumps even in the dead of winter and I would always wonder if her ankles/feet were freezing. I'm sure this isn't as much of an problemo for those who drive everywhere, but I'm sure it is still a deterrent for many of us who have to deal with freezing temps. The fit is tts.

Fisherman Sweater in Heather Acorn, on sale $69.99, available here
Cafe Trouser in Maraschino Cherry, $138, available here

I'm on a quest for a tan sweater or top so I thought I would try out this fisherman sweater. Same as the one above, but in a different color and size. I'm pretty sure this is my regular size and it was definitely more fitted. I think this is a great sweater although my search for the right tan continues. Does anyone else find it difficult to get the right shade of tan and/or nude?

OMG, I never knew I could love a pair of pants so much. These get a serious, happy dance, thumbs up from me. The color red is absolutely fantastic and pretty, the leg has a nice fluid line that drapes the body in a good way and they just look like a fun, yet sophisticated pair of pants. The wool was soft; I didn't feel a hint of itchiness. The fit is tts. My only issue is that I would have to order petite size and there are too many colors to choose which one.

Boardwalk Stripe Zipper Tee, $52.00, available here
Elsie Skirt in Nightfall Floral, $98.00, available here

I tried this top on just to pair with the skirt since they shared similar colors. I really like the color mix here and it has a zipper detail on the sleeve. Overall, a nice tee although I'm not 100% sure whether it is worth the full price. Fit is tts.

This skirt was apart of the recent new arrivals and I was really interested in checking out its pattern in person. This is a wonderful fall/winter kind of floral with the dark background with pops of color. The skirt has a nice medium weight to it and the length was great at almost to the knee. It has a little bit of stretch to the waistband and the fit is tts. I don't think most cottons should run you close to $100, so the price point is a bit hard to swallow although it is a very nice skirt.

This one is for Ina!!

Acorn Fireball Bracelet, $38.00, available here
One of my lovely readers, Ina, was curious about the crystal brulee and acorn fireball bracelet, so I tried on the latter for her. I have the crystal brulee necklace in pink (see here) and think it is such a fun piece. I love the color and how it adds a bit of youthful bling. Since it also comes in a blue, clear-ish and a beautiful lilac-gray tone, I would say pick one up for sure.

The acorn fireball bracelet is adorable. It reminds me of a charm bracelet, but with some bling and a hint of color (although it does come in black too). I love the muted gold tone and how the charms and the links are a nice moderate size that doesn't overwhelm the wrist. This bracelet is at a good price-point, so I think it is a great buy.

I hope you enjoyed the reviews!! I hear new arrivals are coming to the stores this week, so I might have to make another trip. I'm dying to see some of the new coats in action (not that I need more coats in my closet, but I just can't resist a pretty color) and there is some paisley that wants to be mine.

What do you have your eye on in the stores?

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  1. thank you so much for the picture and the review.
    i am glad this acorn bracelet has a nice scale and it looks perfect in size.
    i love the cherry pants with the camel sweater on you.have you seen the tippi sweater in the marled camel? maybe the marled camel is the tan you are looking for.
    cant wait for another promo to order the bracelet!

  2. love the camel and red!

  3. LOVE the cherry trousers, they look great with the sweater.

  4. Ahhh I LOVE those pants on you! I am so not a pants person but I am seriously tempted to get a pair of those. Especially in those delicious colors...

    The Fisherman sweater looks great on you and seems to fit you really well. I just got the Honeycomb sweater which seems to be a similar fit but different design on front. Fingers crossed it works!

  5. Thanks AppGal!! I love all of the delicious colors. I'm debating whether I should get the green or this red pair of pants.
    I love the texture of that Honeycomb sweater! What color did you get?

  6. It is definitely a nice combination.

  7. I've tried that camel Tippi sweater and found that the color was similar. Although I love the color of the Tippi sweater, I'm not sure if I would get another. I've worn mine twice and it is getting all fuzzy.
    I hope there's a promo soon that makes the bracelet yours.

  8. I got the ivory color--can you believe I do not own an ivory sweater? It should be here tomorrow...looking forward to seeing how it works out! Yes, the texture looks amazing!

  9. I love the red pants on you. I loved them but didn't like how the back looked bc they are unlined. Line your pants, jcrew - pahlease:)

  10. Lol, I don't know why they wouldn't line an expensive pair of pants. Too bad you didn't like the look of them, but at least the wool didn't feel bad.

  11. I want that yellow sweater but I am allergic to alpaca; it looks fabulous on you.

  12. Great reviews. I was interested in the acorn bracelet too. It's adorable.
    I love the red pants! Do you usually have to wear a petite size or are these pants super long?

  13. WOAH those red pants are awesome! I've been looking for orange ones too

  14. Thanks Rosa! It is too bad you are allergic to the sweater because it is a really nice shade of yellow.

  15. :) They are definitely a great pair of pants. Do the vibrant flame cafe capris not work for you? That's a nice orange. Luckily, I got my fix with a pair that I found on EBay.

  16. Yes, that acorn bracelet is adorable.
    You know, I'm not 100% sure how J. Crew pants work for me because I generally just try on skirts, tops and capri length pants. I do have two pair of pants from the outlet that are regular length and they fit just fine.
    I would venture to guess that I would wear petites because I had on 3 inch heels and there was still extra length at the bottom.

  17. oooh-wee! Love that camel and red. It's right up my alley. I definitely want that mustard gold sweater but $70 is not in my budget so I'll be looking for a cheaper version LOL!

    Did you see my last post? I never found that navy/green tee at H&M but I found a replacement at Old Navy :)


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