Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Perfect Topper

Cooler temps usually means time for layers and bundling up. Outfits are hidden behind coats and jackets, but that doesn't have to mean you need to be covered and boring. One great way to add sparkle to your outerwear is with a fabulous scarf, or my favorite, a hat. Some people are hat people (raises hand over here) and some people (like my best friend) wouldn't put one on even if it was five below freezing your butt off cold. Don't be afraid of give them a try because there are so many fabulous styles to choose from out there.

Let's take a look:

Is That An Animal On Your Head?

Spirithoods Night Owl Hood, $129, available here

Albertus Swanepoel for Target, $19.99, available here
(So soft, but sadly went back to the store because I don't think I can pull off a Russian looking hat)

I Want to Feel Like J. Lo Today

Rag & Bone Robinson, $150, available here

Eugenia Kim Dominique, $165, available here

Keeping It Simple, But Fun

Stitched Scarlet Cloche, $58, available here

Luxe Rachel Zoe Stretch Knit Crochet Beret, $29.50, available here

Off To Chop Wood

AEO Fuzzy EarFlap Hat, $39.50, available here

Apt. 9 Textured Faux-Fur Trapper Hat, $34, available here

It's Not Complete Without Some Leopard

Albertus Swanepoel: J. Crew (left), available here and Target (right), available here
(I bought the Target version and am loving it!! Pic to come soon)

Gap Leopard Beanie, $19.95, available here

Are you a hat person? How do you add flair to your outerwear?


  1. I am not really a hat person unless it is needed. I will wear a baseball cap when I run outside, a sunhat when out on the beach, and a ski cap when temps are really cold.

  2. i am also not really a hat person,but i will try to change it.
    i think it is a matter of finding the "right one" and be open to try something new.

  3. With my short hair I don't really "do" hats, but I couldn't pass up the Albertus Swanepoel leopard fedora from Target. I will probably remove the band/feather but it was too cute to pass up.

  4. I love the Target version of the J.Crew one. Sadly, my head is way too big for hats!

  5. I just purchased the leopard print hat tonight from Target ... Love it ;)

  6. I love a great knit hat!!


  7. Great selections!

  8. You aren't the only one. I have way too many knit hats.

  9. Rosa, I highly doubt your head is too big for a hat. There's one out there for you!!

  10. It's definitely a nice leopard hat.
    I considered taking the feather off, but I wasn't sure if it would ruin the look of the hat.

  11. There are a ton of hats out there, so I definitely feel like you just have to test and see what works for you.

  12. For someone who isn't a hat person, you sure do have a little bit of a hat selection. ;)

  13. I so adore hats especially the bespoke variety but I love the hats featured above. The white and red are quite striking. Have a sweet day;-)

  14. Cool post :) I love all kinds of hats! :)

  15. Lurve hats! Before a few years ago, I never felt comfortable wearing them. I'd guy them, only to collect dust in my closet. Not sure what changed, but can't live without them now. They add instant flare to any basic outfit! Thanks for cluing me into the fur one from Target, will go check it out. I'm in the market for one... perhaps it'll go on my holiday wish-list for family. P.S. I think it looks great on you!


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