Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Notes from the Dressing Room- Good Times at Madewell

I spent some time at the mall and managed to make it to a few stores before I was done. Do you love a crowed mall or prefer a quieter atmosphere while shopping? 
Madewell was my last stop of the day and I found some lovelies. Take a look:

Silk Sandlight Top, $98, available here
I loved this top!! They claim it is a loose-fitting top on the website, but I tried it on in my regular size and it fits just so. It has a subtle zebra print, but the lighter part has a pinkish tint to it. It has a feminine quality with the bracelet length sleeves, the length is good at around hip level and it could work with something dressier or you could go casual like I saw a sales associate wearing it with jeans, a cardi and knee boots. If this top was silk, I would say the price is a little more understandable, but it is not; so my only qualm with this piece is the high price point. However, it is a really nice top and will definitely go on my wishlist.

Golden Grid Tee, $98, available here
Do you own a million and one tees like me? I definitely don't need another, but when something is a little bit different, I can make an exception. This is a simple black tee with some fun detailing. There are slightly raised gold dots throughout the top and it gets a thumbs up. The shape is simple (if slightly boxy), but the shimmery gold gives it some fabulous oomph that can make it extremely versatile for work and play. Fit is tts and again, my only issue is with the price, but I would say go for it (once it hits the sales rack, if it makes it there).

Woodhouse Cardigan in heather thistle, $79.50, available here
High Riser Colorpop Jeans in Patina Verte, $125, available here

In my opinion, Madewell is one place that does cardis well. They come in a great array of colors, they fit nicely and feel soft. I saw the pretty, soft purple color of this one and was instantly smitten. It looks like a thermal top, but is not fitted like one. It's soft and a little bit different from just a simple ole' cardigan. The fit is tts if just slightly big. Thumbs up on this one.

Thanks to J. Crew, I have it in my head that I need a pair of mint pants. A pair of cords would be my first choice, but these legging jeans make a nice casual option. The fit was snug in my regular size, but there is a good amount of stretch to it, so I'm sure that will lead to a different feel once they've been worn on the body.   The color is a pale, green-blue shade that reminds me of ocean water. I think this is an extremely versatile shade that would lend itself well to navy blue, yellow, purples, pinks, browns, pretty much anything really. The price is on par with other designer denim brands and I can't really comment on the quality of their denim (although I do like the fit whenever I try a pair on in the store), but they are running a special through December 31st. If you bring in a pair of old denim jeans, you can get 20% off your first Madewell jean purchase in the new year. I already have a pair of old jeans lined up for donation, so I hope these minty fresh jeans can be mine soon.

Looking Glass Dress, $168, available here
This dress had me instantly thinking New Year's party dress. It's a silverish-cream color with a hint of shimmer and check out that sexy back detail!! This wouldn't even have to be designated for special occasion, if worn the right way (covered up), it could totally work double-duty as just a plain dress. I tried a size up and as you can see, it was a bit snug for me. So to be on the safe side, I would say size up in this dress. Overall, it is very pretty and a great addition to any wardrobe. Plus, pockets!!!!

Happy Shopping!!


  1. That dress is stunning on you. The shape works really well for you!!!

  2. Definitely hate shopping in a crowded mall. Thanks for braving the hoards.
    Love the dotted tee. I'll definitely watch for it on sale.
    I fell for the mint pant look when I saw it paired with a camel coat, red shoes and bright pink scarf in one of JC's fall catalogs. I agree, it's a great color.
    Thanks for the reviews.

  3. that dress looks AMAZING on you! it's so subtle, but very versatile.

  4. I love the polka dot top!! And the last dress looks amazing on you!!

  5. Definitely dislike shopping this time of year. The crowds drive me crazy (mainly because people are extra rude during this month lol).
    But love the dress on you, it's gorgeous!

  6. I'm a big fan of Madewell and their dresses are fabulous!

  7. My favorite is the Looking Glass dress! It's very flattering and I like the color. Madewell is one of my favorite stores but I've never actually bought anything from there. I might have to bite the bullet and purchase something. :)

  8. I love Madewell, it looks like you got some great items.....and I love a quiet shopping experience which is why I usually try to go very early in the morning or during the week.....


  9. Thank you for the reviews! There are no Madewell stores here so I am always curious about fits. I like the tops and that cut out back dress so much! The sweater also looks so cozy!

    I prefer a quiet store. I tend to shop on weekends when I have days off from work.

  10. Ooh I love the golden grid tee on you! I'm also a t shirt lover - already have way too many but cannot help but look for more!

  11. Thanks Katherine! Do you know I signed up for StyleMint, so that has only increased my t-shirt selection. I couldn't help it!!

  12. I love Madewell, so I'm happy to do reviews. I hope you get a chance to check them out one day. I know how much you love dresses and I am always falling in love with one (or more) of their dresses.

  13. Kimmie, I definitely think you should order something from Madewell!
    The Looking Glass dress has gotten some love. It is a very pretty dress.

  14. I definitely agree! I always fall for their dresses. Hopefully, I can have one in my closet one of these days.

  15. Thanks so much!! That dress has lots of thumbs up.

  16. Thanks so much!! I agree that it is a work for multiple occasions kind of dress.

  17. I was at the mall nice and early to avoid the big crowds.
    I tell you, J. Crew just really hits the mark on colors and pairing unexpected combos.

  18. Aww, thanks Sydney!! I could see you in it too!

  19. I LOVE Madewell! Thanks for the reviews!


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