Friday, January 27, 2012

OOTD-Brightness through the Haze

I was politely told that I looked a bit "not so hot yesterday", but I liked my outfit so much that I plopped my dapper new hat on my head and took some pics anyway. I'm telling you color has been a saviour this week. I might not be feeling 100% great, but having bright colors going on in my outfits gave me a tiny push towards the finish line of this week.

Have a fabulous weekend!! 

Outfit Details:
Blue sweater- (The Charter Club, gift) (similar style here)
Orange pants- Ebay find (similar here, darker orange in denim here)
Blue leopard scarf- South Moon Under
Striped socks- Missoni for Target
Burgundy fedora- Albertus Swanepoel for J. Crew (similar here)
Brown boots- Madewell (on sale here)


  1. Really nice colours here on you! i like the hat and pants the most!

  2. I like the repeating color theme in the scarf, socks, sweater and pants. Very cute. Hope you're feeling better.


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