Tuesday, January 31, 2012

OOTD- Notes from the Dressing Room, Cheering for the New at J. Crew

New arrivals popped up on J. Crew's website and that meant I had to pop over to my nearest store to check some of them out in person. How could I not with hints of spring peeking out everywhere??

Teddie Dress in black, $198, available here
I'm sure I've confessed that I don't have a classic black dress, so this dress looked like it could certainly fit the bill. I love that the sleeves are bracelet length for a nice arm party viewing, the hemline is at a perfect point and the shape is just on point. With that said, the price just made me cringe a little. I suppose for a classic dress that will be worn often, a few extra bucks are worth it, but the 100% wool content does not make it work for all seasons like the website claims and that makes me sad because I would want to wear something like this all year long. I tried this on in my normal size and it was a bit snug for me, so you might want to determine your size depending on your bust. Overall, this is a pretty dress and I was very excited to find that is comes in other colors. 

 Jules Dress in Fanfare, $188, available here

I saw a blogger review this print in a top and was really interested in seeing it in person. The print is not too over the top and this dress is a thumbs up for me. It's a simple shift shape that can look a bit shapeless, but I thought the fit was skimming without venturing into muu-muu territory. A simple belt could make a difference, but then the length might be compromised. Hmm!! The length is a bit short, but isn't too bad (unless you are really tall, in which case, this is a great tunic). It has two pockets in the front and I think that was a good decision considering some designers would place them near the hips and that would add unnecessary bulk in a trouble spot. Fit is tts.

 Lillian Dress in Watercolor Floral, $198, available here

This dress has a similar shape as the Teddie dress, except it has shorter sleeves. Can't you just see the First Lady wearing this dress!!?? It has a conservative hemline and an interesting pattern that I'm not sure what to think. It's like it can't decide if it wants to be a dark print dress or a light print dress. Not a bad thing, but just interesting. Regardless, it is quite a lovely dress. My problem with it is a little more apparent in the second photo above. The wool and silk blend looks like a future wrinkle mess and if I'm going to spend so much money on a dress, I want it to look almost perfect even if I decide to raise my arms or sit down during the day. This dress is just not it. Sigh, too bad. I sized up in this dress and it fit well.

Jaspe Pullover in Heather Indigo, $49.50, available here
Crinkle Chiffon Skirt in Warm Peacock, $118.00, available here

Look at this skirt move!! It has such a soft flow and this turquoise color is beautiful. I thought this was such a pretty skirt and I could just imagine how beautiful it would look blowing in the wind. Can't you just picture that Marilyn Monroe moment and you wouldn't have to worry about your undies showing ? :) I believe I tried this on in my regular size and the waistband was a bit tight. Whether that was from my lunch that day, I can't say for sure, but it you are in between sizes or have a little bit of belly, you might want to size up. Also, this length can be tricky for a lot of ladies my height or under, but this skirt would look so pretty with a pair of heels or wedges to help counteract the lack of leg showing. Good thing is, it also comes in petite size too. I might have to put this on my wishlist.

I picked up this top just to have something to try on and I must say it is pretty nice. The color is a soft blue that would work with so many things and the texture makes it a step up from just a simple blue top. Why this is called a pullover, I am not sure, because it seems like a regular tee. Maybe they thought the higher price wouldn't fly for something that was described as a tee. This top is a little overpriced for what it is, so I would wait for a sale. Sizing is tts to slightly big.

Tillary Tote, $328 in Blue Sea and Warm Sienna leather here
I posted this on my Instagram last week (on a separate J. Crew trip earlier) and thought I would post it here since there is a bit of interest in the very cute Tillary bag. I am a big fan of the Celine that this is copied after, so I have my eye on this bag. I don't know if this particular bag is a store only version since it didn't show up with the other new arrivals, but instead of leather, the majority of the body is canvas. That would make it perfect for spring and summer and although the colors read patriotic, it doesn't scream American flag (if that makes any sense). My only concern is that the light color could be a dirt magnet. That might be something a Magic Eraser can take care of for those leery of light colored bags. I was a bonehead and didn't snap a pic of the tag since I was trying to be incognito about photographing out on the floor, but I do believe it was a bit cheaper than the leather versions. This is a thumbs up for me, but I really wish it came in a different colorway. It's still pretty though, my likey!!

What captured your eye in the new arrivals? How do you take care of your light colored bags, if you dare to buy them in the first place?


  1. Jcrewismyfavstore--rynetta phdJanuary 31, 2012 at 12:19 PM

    Thanks SO much for these great reviews!!!

  2. I love the Jules dress on you, it is perfection! Teddie is a success too, you are lucky, I was hideous on me. I am not sure about the Lilian dress. I mean it is very very pretty but it has very old fashioned (church-dress?) vibe. I saw that tote in the store and was wondering the same thing, will this look filthy after one summer? But it is a very nice bag, I agree. And your whirly crinkle chiffon dress made me smile :)

  3. Great reviews!! You look great in everything. I saw that bag in store as well and thought it was really cute.

  4. I got their catalog yesterday, and wow, they have amazing stuff again. Jules dress looks great on you!

  5. Thanks Lilly! The Jules dress was certainly one of my faves.
    I always get excited for the new catalogs just to see what color combos they come up with, it's even better when there are pretty things I'm dying to see in person or buy right then and there.

  6. Aww, thank you! Glad you liked the reviews.
    That bag is still on my mind! It is at the top of my wants list out of the new stuff.

  7. Thanks Ajc!! I've gotten several thumbs up on this Jules dress.et's hope a promo code is on the way soon
    I totally understand what you mean by the Lillian being a bit church lady. It's probably that length and the conservative vibe.
    I can't resist a skirt with good twirl action. That always makes me happy. :)

  8. Thanks! I'm glad you stopped by to check them out.

  9. Love the teddie dress and the watercolor floral on you! You've got me wanting the teddie dress. Bad girl! :oP

  10. Your reviews are wonderful: you look great in the dresses! I have my eye on many of the same pieces as you: the crinkle chiffon skirt (though my store's skirts had the SAME crease like they can't steam anything before putting it on the floor???), the watercolor floral dress, and that bag is great! I haven't seen it in my store: what store carries it?

  11. Teddie Dress in black, $198 now 148!

  12. Really!! Is this in store because I didn't see that online?
    I'm really surprised the price has gone down so quickly.

  13. I saw that bag at the Georgetown store (D.C.).
    Thanks for the sweet comment. I am a sucker for J. Crew's dresses and skirts. Hopefully, I can eventually own one of the dresses instead of just trying them on.

  14. Sorry! I didn't mean to do it, but it is a lovely dress!

  15. Twirly skirts are the best! Good pics. The fanfare is looking good. The colorblock Tillary is $228.


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