Tuesday, March 13, 2012

OOTD-And All that Jazz

Do you guys like my jazz hands in that last pic? I was showing off my pretty non-existent tap dancing skills from my days as a youngin'. I kind of miss those shuffle ball change routines although I'm sure I didn't feel that way back then. 
Anyway, enough of reminiscing. We have been seriously treated to some beautiful weather this week and what do I go wear, a bunch of dark colors. Totally unlike me since I love me some color, but my intentions were to show off my lovely new baby. Introducing Ms. Minty Springtime (and insert a jazz hand)!! I took her out of the box yesterday and instantly knew she was ready for action. Is it weird that I'm referring to my new bag as a she?? This bag holds all of my daily crap with room to spare and is the perfect bright spot for lots of outfits. Me and my new bag have a few dates later this week, lol.

Have you ever given a name to an inanimate object you loved? A car, a pair of shoes, you old teddy bear?

Outfit Details:
Snakeskin print tank and olive knit skirt- Forever 21
Blue blazer- Ralph Ralph Lauren
Wedges- Madewell (similar here, alternative here and here)
Mint handbag- Botkier Valentina hobo (available here, smaller size in other colors available here, alternative mint handbag here, minty clutch here)


  1. Ohh hello I found your blog loat and that Botkier bag looks awesome!!
    Come visit my blog when you get some times :)
    Happy blogging :)

  2. That bag is gorgeous! Perfect color! I saw a beautiful Botkier bag at Neiman Marcus Last Call in the 2 hundreds and I'm still kicking myself for not snatching up.

  3. I do love new bag additions! Great pick!


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