Friday, April 6, 2012

Notes from the Dressing Room- This and That at Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor is currently offering 30% off everything (except final sale with code SPRING30), so I thought that a stop on my lunch break the other day was in order. I ended up in the dressing room with some very interesting items. Take a look-see:

Petal Top in Pale Almond, $88, available here
This definitely caught my eye when I walked past it and I knew it could either be a pretty special piece or a bit of a disaster. Let's just say, I still haven't formed a complete opinion as to whether I like it or not. I posted this on Instagram right after I tried it on and someone mentioned that it reminded them of fish scales. Certainly not the most glamorous image out there. I love that AT is thinking outside of the box, I like the orange edging of the "petals" and one great thing is that the layers seem to lay flat keeping unnecessary bulk at bay. The back of it is solid knit (like a tee) and the fit is tts. One thing I did not like was the high neckline, it felt like it was a bit tight. The price also doesn't seem that bad for such a unique piece (especially with the discount).

Starlight Top, $158, available here
Tweed Exposed Zip Skirt, $98, available here

This was another top that caught my eye for being a bit different. It's like a a hybrid of a tee and a party top. There is a great "armour" of gold sequins in the front and then that open slit in the back is a totally winner in my book. This is my idea of understated sexiness. I wasn't too crazy about the blah color of the rest of the top and sadly this just doesn't work well on my body shape (broad shoulders), but I would still give this a nice thumbs up. Fit is tts to slightly big. You may want to consider sizing down, especially if you have a smaller chest size.

I can't resist tweed and thought this would be a fun skirt because it has a slight metallic shine to it. Fit is tts, has a pencil skirt shape, but certainly qualifies as a mini. Since I have a similar skirt, this is a pass for me, but the color is really pretty and there is a matching blazer available too (see here).

Garden Floral Dress, $158, available here

They had this dress styled so lovely in the window with a chunky black belt, so I thought I would see how it worked for me. First, I love the colors in the floral. They aren't muted and underwhelming, but they are bright without being obnoxious. With that said, this just made me feel slightly matronly and although I don't mind the black trim down the front, the side view just killed it for me. I don't know why, but the side piping reminds me of an apron. It has a skinny matching string belt included, but it would look way better with a thicker belt like it was styled in the window. Despite its polyester content this was soft and it hugs the body nicely; not too loose, but not too tight. It almost comes to my knee, so this would look great on taller ladies. However, it also comes in petite, definitely a plus. Fit is tts.

Sleeveless Lace Sheath Dress in neon light, $198, available here 
I feel so retro in this dress. The shape is a classic sheath dress, but the color is certainly modern. Although the description says it's lace, I think it has more of an eyelet feel to it. Either way, it has some texture and interest. This is very fitted, so I would recommend sizing up. It felt a bit tight in the shoulders and snug around the waist. Now this color isn't for everyone, but if you aren't color-phobic or want to try out the big neon trend of spring/summer 2012, I say go for this dress. This gets a thumbs up for me, but I'll pass only because dresses with some fullness at the bottom work better for me.

So that's just a small sampling of some of the new items at Ann Taylor. Will you be taking advantage of the promo deal (if you haven't already)?

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  1. omg that petal top is too die for! you know i love the yellow dress too.


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