Wednesday, May 30, 2012

OOTD- Open the Vent

What does one wear when it's 90+ degrees outside? Well, if you're me (and a little crazy pants), that would be a long-sleeved tee. It's a good thing that this tee came with a vent! As you can tell, the weather has certainly heated up around these parts and my first order of business was to break out those shorts. Now, that winter has melted away and my former dreams of strutting outside in cute shorts can finally happen, I'm going to take full advantage. My second order of business was to figure out a good 'do to keep me (and my neck) from turning into a melted puddle of sweaty mess. I accomplished both of my weekend goals and am counting down the days when I can put those two plans in repeat.

Do you have any fun hairstyles that are summer perfect? Please share!
Outfit Details:
Tan tee and sunglasses- Stylemint (tee with an interesting back here and here, similar top in a tank version here)
Pink shorts and necklace- Forever 21 (similar shorts here, denim version here, drapey version here)
Striped handbag- Rebecca Minkoff (similar here on sale in blue/white stripes, here in red/white stripes, similar here in a smaller size, similar here in a dressier version)
Tan sandals- Sam Edelman (available here)


  1. I love the hair!!! That looks perfect for hot weather. I've tried to do something similar and it just didn't look right. I probably did it wrong :)

    Love the vented tee. It's so crucial to have good air flow in the summer :)

  2. Love everything about this look! And your hair looks great like that. I would totally wear my hair like that if it only looked cute, but it doesn't.

  3. I adore everything about this outfit - big winner. Plus the hair!

  4. this look is so perfect for this hot weather! so simple and effortless, but still cute! love the hair too.

    i usually throw some braids in my hair when it gets hot. which is what i plan to do very soon ;-)


  5. This is such a cute and laid-back look. I also like how you styled your hair; very nice! :)

  6. Great way to style your hair. This heat was so unbearable this weekend. I could not believe it got so hot so quickly.

  7. NaturallyFashionableMay 31, 2012 at 10:19 AM

    Love how beautifully classic you are! One of my favs<3

  8. Aww, thank you so much for the lovely comment. :)

  9. Late spring/summer weather around here can turn on a dime.

  10. Thanks Lilly! I'm sure your hair would look cute like this, especially since you can make yours thicker since your hair is longer.

  11. I agree, good air flow is of utmost importance when the weather gets hot. Some days, I wish I could carry around a portable fan.


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