Monday, November 19, 2012

OOTD-I'm Watching You

Happy Monday guys! For once, I'm going to be happy to see Monday because I am one step closer to stuffing myself silly with food in just a few days, lol. I can't wait!!

While heading out for the evening this weekend, I decided to show off my new jeans. They certainly are bright, aren't they? I tried them on ages ago at J.Crew and immediately wanted to take them home with me, just for the color alone, but that $125.00 had me cringing. I have a good selection of designer jeans in my closet, but I don't recall ever paying full price for the majority of them. I stalked these suckers like a hawk, but this color never went on sale...until two weeks ago. The crazy thing is I took them off my radar because I had lost hope on getting a good deal, plus I really don't need more jeans. But all bets were off when they came down in price; I made these babies mine in a hurry. I couldn't help it, bright colors make me happy. And happy I was prancing around in my bright new denim and high heels, that I only wore them because I would be sitting down. I'm such a high heel wimp. ;)

What's your denim purchase persona? Do you like to buy designer or the more budget friendly options? If you buy designer, do you generally pay full price?

Outfit Details:
Marled cardigan- J.Crew (similar here, here and here)
Abstract top- Forever 21 (similar here and here
Jeans- J.Crew "Toothpick" in neon violet (color available here on sale and similar here)
Black pumps- Yesstyle (similar here, here, real deal designer version here)
Black handbag- Foley + Corinna (same designer, almost the same style here and take an additional 20% off today with code MERRYDAY)
Black watch - Michael Kors (similar here, more budget friendly version here)
White bracelet- ILY Couture (available here)


  1. i was checking out those jeans too.
    How did you determine your size? i am usually a 0 or 2 in cafe capris. TIA!

    Lovely outfit!

    1. Hmm, these jeans come in waist size, not number sizes. I ordered a size down than I normally get in jeans but only because I ordered the tall. I would tell you to order your normal size.

  2. I am glad you got those jeans. I really love the toothpick style and it's so comfortable. I want them in all colors too.

    1. Oh, there are definitely some delicious colors, so I can see why you'd want them all. I'm trying to stay away from the denim because I have way too many pairs.

  3. I love the fit of most JC denim on me (except toothpick, which I hadn't tried yet) but I buy most of mine on heavy sale or via Ebay. I just can't swallow the price of some denim, plus JC did away with the hipslung jeans, my fave!

    Have a great holiday week!

  4. So pretty, I actually thought those were a pinwale corduroy before I read the caption. I wear high end & low, as long as they don't LOOK cheap, nothing worse than tacky denim. But I hate paying full price, it actually makes me angry lol! My favorite skinnies though, are dark denim with stretch that I got at Lands'End of all places, marked down to $12.50.

  5. Love all the colors in this outfit! I've been debating if I should get those jeans or not. Ended up talking myself out of it even though the color is amazing.

  6. The color of your pants is so gorgeous!


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