Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Anthropologie, Why Are You Teasing Me!!!???

Yesterday, I received a new Anthropologie catalog and yet again they pulled me into desiring an item because of how lovely they make everything look on the model. Thanks to that catalog and Kim at Anthroholic, I am seriously contemplating a new shoe purchase. The problem is I should be saving up money for moving later this year. I mean shouldn't a rental truck, bed, and fancy flat-screen tv take precedence? This is one of those moments when being a big-girl, real deal adult is no fun, lol.

If I do decide to take the plunge on some shoes, which should I go for:

Anticipation Heels, $168

Waving Grains Pumps, $148

Or should I be a good, head on straight, no fun having adult and get neither?


  1. I love both of those! I still have a very hard time spending a lot on shoes, so I have no Anthro shoes. I know they'll last longer, though...I just can't pull the trigger!

  2. Both pairs are unique, which I love. I almost like the 2nd pair a little more...maybe...it's a though one :) I have a hard time too spending a lot on shoes...more than $100...unless they're boots.

  3. Lol I meant to say "tough" one...not "though" hehe ;-)

  4. I generally don't like to spend a lot on shoes either, but sometimes you'll get more uniqueness and better quality with a bit more money.
    Sigh, I think I need to sleep on this decision.

  5. Lol I meant to say "tough" one...not "though" hehe ;-)


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