Monday, June 7, 2010

In the Dressing Room- Shopping at Anthro, Zara, & Barneys COOP

I decided to stop into the city after work on Friday for a little retail therapy and to see what was out there in the stores. Let's just say it was a bit disappointing, but I didn't leave completely empty-handed.

One of my stops was to Barneys COOP just to see what was on sale. I tried on the cutest blouse from Parker with sail boats on it. Alas, it was not meant to be and that can be blamed on my girls being a bit too big for it. Pulling across the chest and flashing everyone would not be a good look. I can't subject anyone to that picture, but I can show the adorable print. :)

I love J Brand jeans and have a few pairs. After seeing this on several celebrities I decided to see what the fuss was about with the cargo skinnies. I do need a nice casual weekend pant, but this was not working for me. Oh well, the search continues.

J Brand Houlihan Cargo, available here

Another stop was Zara to load up on skirts. I've been hunting for a cute tan color skirt, but tried on a few others too. That included this black button front number:

Although I liked this skirt, it was a no go for me. I'm short-waisted and this came up a bit too high, plus I do need to breathe during the day. There was little give in the elastic waist and it's best that I not pass out in my clothing, especially in the summer.

I can't resist an animal print anything, so I was seriously intrigued with this next skirt. I decided to give it a try.

I was crushing on this skirt and it gets mucho extra points for pockets. I didn't leave the store with this one either. I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend $80 on this particular silk skirt (I felt like my butt looked twice as big due to the poofiness in the skirt) and no offense to the dog, but if it was a cuter breed, I might have been more inclined to pull the trigger.

I skipped off to Anthropologie to indulge in fantasies of living a semi-bohemian lifestyle that required fancy skirts and dresses. That's just not me and I'm not sure Anthro is completely my style, but I can't deny that it's a great place to find something fun, unique and most definitely feminine.

Flowering Pasture Blouse, Dolan, buy it here
Really like, but most definitely sheer. Might consider it at a sale price

Lane Change Skirt, Girl from Savoy, buy it here
As you can see a big thumbs down for me. I felt like I was wearing an apron and this did nothing for my figure

Rift Valley Shorts, Corey Lynn Calter, buy it here
This was such a fun pair of shorts, but I wasn't sure if it was love. This also comes in a giraffe print too (me and those animals again) that I really like. This will go on the wish list.

Grand Island Dress, LA Made, buy it here
Excuse the face in this pic, but it is telling. This is a big fat no for me. It has a straight jacket look and wasn't working for my figure, although I love that drapey neckline.

After constant changing, some sucking in to fit a few things and a couple of battles in my brain about whether I should get this or that, I made it home with my wallet still intact and one little bag. To be debuted very soon... its searching my closet for cute friends to go out with, lol.

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  1. Soooo, the Parker blouse is just ridiculously cute and so amazing that you located it! Ridiculously funny face for the Grand Island Dress, but I totally get it!!


  2. Soooo, the Parker blouse is just ridiculously cute and so amazing that you located it! Ridiculously funny face for the Grand Island Dress, but I totally get it!!



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