Thursday, August 26, 2010

Notes from the Dressing Room- Back for More at J Crew

With all of the attention that Talbots has been receiving lately with their revamped style, I thought I would head there after work today and check out the store. Nope, still my mother's Talbots, at least in that store. However, I spent some quality time in J Crew checking out lots of new stuff. How did that happen? I only went in there to get a catalog!!!! Which proceeded to be sitting in my mailbox when I got home, of course.

Textured Jersey Tee, $29.50, color isn't online, but it is a mustard shade
Tweed Skirt, $120, ????, doesn't seem to be available online (similar Atomic tweed mini)

I'm a sucker for all things tweed, so this skirt was a must try on for me. Look at all the tweedy goodness and those wonderful colors, plus the tweed felt thick and substantial. Unfortunately, this is too short for comfort. I could probably get away with it on the weekend, but tweed seems better served for a work outfit to me.

I picked up the tee because I thought the chiffon trim was nice and this is a good, basic tee with just a little extra something. J. Crew does mustard yellow very well.

Textured Jersey Tee, $29.50, Crushed Berry

I'm not sure why this skirt is called forest, as it is much closer to a brown color and the website makes the trim on this tee look much darker (it is pretty much the same color as the rest of the tee). Note: This was a size smaller than I usually take, hence the pulling in the front.

I continued the tweed fest with this skirt that was just as short as the last and had an unfortunate shape. The bf said it looked like I had a triple stomach in the front. :O
Not exactly the look I go for in my skirts, so this isn't going to work out.

Tux Henley, $29.50, Black
Skirt not available online, $118, (similar to Crushed Jacquared Pencil Skirt)

I thought this long-sleeved tee had something different going for it with the silver metallic thread and I'm on a serious skirt kick and liked the texture and dressiness the sheen gave this pencil skirt.
The tee was nice and soft, but that front placket was pulling across my chest, so this one is for the less-endowed. And I think the panel comes down too far and resembles a fancy bib.
The skirt was in a size bigger than I normally take, which might be why this created issues. As you can tell, this is very long and gave me extra stomach with the side view. I was disappointed in the fact that this is a polyester blend and felt very thin (no lining). The one positive is that the textured print is really nice. This wasn't special enough to say I'll take it.

Marled Shawl-Collar Cardigan, $118, Marled Black

There is nothing better than a cozy sweater on a cool day and this looked like it would be great to throw on when fall comes around. The buttons and collar help to create a nice shape and the colors are fab, but I thought it was a tad bit too long and on the itchy side

Close up of both pieces, see all the wonderful texture going on!!!

The colors of this blouse is a bit more vibrant than they show on the screen, but the lovely print was the only positive for me. There was no real shape to this and although it is made from silk, I could have sworn that it was polyester. I suppose some open buttons and a belt could salvage this and unlike the website pictures, the ruffles on this do not look like a hairy chest (thanks for the description K, lol) and lie much flatter.

The skirt was a disappointment too because this wool skirt is very thin and has quite the muted color. I've been on the lookout for a pink skirt and thought this would be a good substitute, however I need my wool to feel like it would keep me warm enough if a chill is in the air and this doesn't. The one plus though is that I wouldn't need a hem because this length is perfect.

Vintage Bateau Tee, $42.50, Navy
Stretch Twill Minnie Pant, on sale $49.99, Coal

I was pretty much forced to try on these pants by the sales associate who insisted because they are "the best pants ever". Umm, no ma'am, not these!! I'll admit they felt extremely comfortable and I like the stretchy fabric, but I look a bit oompa-loompa-ish and this kind of pant is borderline legging which means seamless undergarments are a must unless you want jiggly parts all exposed. I'm sure the Minnie works for tons of other gals out there since they are popular, perhaps a darker color would be better.

I only have one striped tee (J Crew) that has seen better day so I've been looking out for a replacement. This would fit the bill quite well; soft, simple and throw it on with anything.

The Perfect Shirt, $78 (similar Paper Poplin Perfect Shirt)

Please ignore the serious flaws going on with these pants (muffin top city)!!!! I'm sadly lacking a pair of gray jeans in my collection and thought I would give these Toothpick jeans a try. Despite needing to go up a size in the waistband, these fit well and I like the length, but that wash is too light and just aren't the world's most flattering jean.
This shirt would be almost perfect if I didn't have the dreaded gaping, but it is a thin, soft material in a pretty purple shade (much richer than it appears in the photos) and the seaming gave it a flattering shape. An added plus is that there isn't a pool of fabric at the bottom so no super bunching going on when it is being tucked into a skirt or pant. The Perfect Shirt is definitely going on my list.
So I managed to walk out of the store with the new catalog and a nice mustard tee. But you bet when more items roll out, I'll be back. Fingers crossed that a magically, perfect tweed skirt appears.
Have you been to J. Crew lately? What's on your Fall wishlist?


  1. that tweed skirt is to die for! xoxo

  2. that tweed skirt is cute but $120?...sheesh

  3. Love that tweed skirt. My hubby saw it first when we were at J. Crew and even he thought it was a nice skirt...but not for that price. Crazy!!!

  4. I spent quite a while in Target the other night. I am in love with everything they have going on for fall. Did you see the sequin miniskirt? I didn't get it, but I may go ahead and order it online. It's too cute. Jenna Lyons must be a psychic, she has everything I want!

  5. I love that cardigan!! Must buy it eventually.

  6. i love the tweed skirt and yellow shirt.

  7. that tweed skirt is cute but $120?...sheesh

  8. that tweed skirt is to die for! xoxo


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