Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Outfit of the Day- Picnic in the Park with a Chance of Strong Winds

Before August and the summer draws to a close, I figure I should get as much wear out of my shorts and brights as I possibly can (although I'm jumping in and giving the shorts with tights a try this fall, let's hope that works). With an invite from the father to partake in some yummy picnic food, I threw on my outfit and said "Let's eat!!!". : )

One of several plates, yum.

I rarely wear sneakers and only bought these for a trip last year. I'm more likely to throw on simple flats for a casual day, but thought these would be a different kind of look. Does it work okay or no, try again?

J Crew is determined to keep me supplied in the cute animal necklaces. Love my new elephant!!

With the hot weather outside, thought some hurricane like winds would cool me right off. Unfortunately, it didn't lift me up like I thought it would, but my hair sure got a bit of a workout.
Outfit Details:
Neon pink tee- J Crew outlet
Black tweed shorts- Rebecca Taylor
Black canvas sneakers- Converse One for Target
Gray elephant necklace- J Crew outlet

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  1. i've got a pair of hot pink converse i like to throw on from time to time, but in general, i prefer flats as well.

    cute necklace!


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