Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Outfit of the Day-Sweatin' So Pretty

I walked out of the house feeling nice and cute and by the time I made it to work, it looked like I had spent time in the gym working on my fitness, sweat city. Ms. Mother Nature, I know it is ridiculous to complain about it being hot in the summer time, but could a slight cold front head this way. My silky shirts will thank you.

The haziness of this photo is a demonstration of how hazy and hot the weather has been.

The boyfriend thinks this looks like a briefcase. I say it's just a working girl's handbag, fit for everyday junk and files. Maybe some snacks or two!!!

Just wanted to show off my new to me ring. Someone commented that it looks like a class ring, which is true, but I bought it because it is as close to a David Yurman ring as I'll get.

I had to get the super bright yellow truck in the background. Everybody sees him coming!!
Outfit Details:
Lilac tank (underneath)- ???
Blue silk top- Rory Beca
Khaki skirt- Zara
Tan woven belt- H&M
Burgundy Mary Janes- Steve Madden
Purple ring- Secondhand
Blue faux Mulberry bag- Forever 21


  1. The pleats on this skirt make it extra flattering - you look great! I didn't see the Alexa wannabe the last tme I was at Forever21...I for sure would not have been able to resist.

    xoxo, Ashley

  2. I know all about the sweat and silky shirts combo. I sweat profusely even in the cold! LOL! Whenever I wear silky shirts, i carry deodorant in my purse! LOL :)

    Eboni Ife'

  3. nice outfit...I love your purse looks very nice.

  4. Great outfit. I really love that purse... I need to make a trip to Forever21 :)

  5. Really cute, and that handbag is awesome! And your comment made me smile - Sisterhood of the Traveling skirt sounds good to me! : )

  6. That's a cute outfit. I love the blue on you.

  7. nice outfit...I love your purse looks very nice.


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