Friday, September 24, 2010

Outfit of the Day- Black Out

With yesterday's super bright skirt, today I went in a totally opposite direction by wearing all black because there's no need to coordinate or think to hard when you dress in the stereotypical NY uniform. I don't know what possessed me to wear this color palette when the high was 90+ degrees. Luckily, this blouse is a nice sheer piece that kept me from bursting into flames out in the heat, plus it has the cutest little heart buttons. Sometimes the little things are the best.

I had just read a silly story about a woman that robbed a bank and then picked her kids up from school right after. I think she got her to-do list crossed with her things I probably shouldn't do list. That chuckle started my morning off right.

Do you ever get determined to wear something even if the weather is not cooperating?

Outfit Details:
Black blouse- Alice Temperley for Target
Black ankle pants and tan suede shoes- Zara
Black elastic belt and tote bag- J Crew
Black handbag- Rebecca Minkoff Boyfriend Crossbody

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  1. That bag is SO cute. I am all for an all black ensemble from time to time. You look great!

  2. Love your black outfit, definitely can't go wrong with black!

  3. I do love all black but am intense about checking because I hate being inappropriately dressed for the weather. This is a very chic and very nyc outfit.

  4. Thanks guys!!! I don't have a ton of black items in my wardrobe, but it helps to take a lot of guesswork of matching things together since it goes with almost everything.


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