Sunday, September 12, 2010

Outfit of the Day- Cargos and Ruffles

I am now a football widow, therefore I blog. Until the day comes that I truly understand what all of the starting and stopping, lines on the field and all of the rules and regulations of football are all about, I won't be able to get through a whole game. Besides, basketball is much easier to comprehend.

Today was very low-key and centered around making sure the bf and I were home by 8:00 pm. After a quick trip to Target to check out the new Tucker collaboration (severely disappointed that only 3-4 items were on the floor), we stopped off at the bookstore for some afternoon magazine reading. It's best that I read them there otherwise I would spend a million dollars on subscriptions each year and have a ridiculous amount of paper clutter going on.

Outfit Details:
Gray ruffle top- Forever 21
Green cargo pants- Jalate (via Nordstrom Rack)
Black pumps- Taryn by Taryn Rose
Mixed metal necklace- Hollywood Intuition for Target
Black handbag- Foley + Corinna

Are you a lady who enjoys the football? If not, do you subject yourself to watching the games for your man?


  1. I'm single, so I pretty much watch what I want, but that does include some football. But no too much, lol.

    Love how you took your pics inside the bookstore - kind of bold! And I can't believe I'm saying this, but those cargo pants are so flattering on you!

  2. That top is awesome!

  3. very cute look here...That top is awesome!

  4. I love the girly/hard contrast of the ruffles and cargo pants! Sorry to hear you're a football widow (this made me smile!); I'm a video game widow this month so I understand.

  5. To my defense when it comes to my football games and my lady I approach it with a balance. I was find time during commercials to show her love and shower her with affection. She will never be ignored. lol

  6. Thanks guys! I figured the heels and ruffles would be a good way to balance the military look of the cargo pants. I think it worked well together.
    In my boyfriend's defense, he was great about making sure he paid some attention to me during the game. Yes, I wasn't ignored, however, my hearing is a bit impaired from the loud yelling at the tv. :)

  7. Great outfit! Love the cargos with the ruffles, great combo!

  8. Oh, I love the buttons down the back like Miss Mary Mack. Too cute.

  9. Great outfit! Love the cargos with the ruffles, great combo!

  10. very cute look here...That top is awesome!


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