Wednesday, November 10, 2010

OOTD-Cashmere Covered Dots

Raise your hand if you're a bargain shopper!!! I know I am, which is why I sometimes end up in the thrift store searching for hidden gems among the racks. Never have I found a vintage Chanel hiding behind old Anne Klein purses, but a girl can hope and dream.
About a month ago I found myself in my local thrift store looking for a new blazer, specifically something in the on-trend camel colored family. As is the case when you want something specific, you find everything but. That's how I ended up with this black blazer. It was simple, could go perfectly with so many things, and best of all 100% cashmere. I wanted to do a happy dance when I looked at the fabric content and saw that, plus it fit me!!! Even better that it barely put a hurtin' on my wallet because I paid about $2.50 for it. It kept me warm, looking polished and went nicely with my most recent bargain skirt from the outlet ($25). I say it was money well spent.
Are you a thrift store shopper?  Have you done the happy dance recently after a great find?

My arms are just crossed, I am not giving you an obscene gesture. ;)

I heard a strange noise behind me. I think it was a ghost!

Outfit Details:
Cashmere blazer- thrifted
Black button down- Alice Temperley for Target
Black/white dot skirt- J Crew outlet
Black pumps- Taryn by Taryn Rose
Black cable knit wool tights (love!!)- Stockin Girl (found in Nordstrom Rack, available here)


  1. I love thrift store shopping. I am very fortunate, I work less than 2 miles from my favorite Village Thrift! I recently scored a $200 purse for $6 and my sister scored a pair of Gucci studded pumps for $30! Now thats a real thrift store find. That kinda thing dosen't happen very often, but it's what keeps you going back for more!

  2. A cashmere blazer?! I am so jealous. This whole outfit is gorgeous! I love how you have a blazer and a pencil skirt on, yet you still look fun and not at all like you're heading out for a day at the office, haha! The pattern on the skirt is awesome!

  3. wow what a deal! I've never been that lucky.

  4. wow what a deal! I've never been that lucky.


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