Friday, November 12, 2010

Opinion Poll-Yes, No, Maybe So?

While running an errand yesterday, I somehow ended up in Forever 21. My body was telling me to lie on the couch and zone out while watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but my mind figured I could at least get some Christmas shopping started.

I tried on this dress that had one feature I always love on a dress, pockets!!!  I debated whether to get it because a. how often would I wear this and b. can I pull it off. So I want to ask whether this dress is a yay or nay. I would probably just get it for our annual Christmas party. Jazz it up with some sparkle, a cute belt and a colorful shoe, perhaps? And the drapey pockets can be tamed down a bit, but given that I am much broader on top, volume on the bottom can work for me.

Go back to get or keep looking?

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  1. Personally, I love this silhouette and worn with a hot shoe, it looks like a winnner to me.

  2. I love the pattern on this dress, but don't love the pockets sticking out. Maybe if you can reign those in a bit to be more even with the top, I would love it.

  3. I have to agree with Chrissy -- I love the pattern, but the pockets sticking out don't jibe with me. The top portion is perfect, though, I love the way the sleeves look on you!

  4. I also love the pattern, but just don't feel the pockets look right. I say keep still have time to find a dress you absolutely adore! :)

  5. Thanks for your opinions ladies, I really appreciate it!!!

    I don't have that many party dresses and even fewer occasions to wear one, so I don't want to invest too much money for something that will get worn once maybe twice.

  6. Target usually has some really nice party dresses at very reasonable prices too. I picked up an LBD on clearance last year for around $12 and it is beautiful. :)

  7. I vote yes! I think you'll def be able to wear it again. Plus, if you don't have anything to wear really close to the Christmas party then the panic will take over and you'll probably end up with something way more expensive. Plus, you have 21 days to see if you find something better! (Because that's their return window.)

    xoxo, Ashley


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