Monday, November 29, 2010

OOTD-Knee High in Funtown

It's Monday which means back to the grind. Although I'm severely lacking in the motivation to work right now, I'm going to relish in the memories of my nice weekend and the thought of another holiday soon approaching. This weekend the bf and I travelled a great distance to get some crab cakes (I was going to tease you with pictures, but that will have to come later) and then we played let's pretend we're moving right now and browsed through the furniture at Room and Board.

This was my favorite sofa because of the nook. Perfect for cuddling up, watching a movie, napping or reading a book/magazine on a lazy day. I'm determined to have a nook in my next sofa.

I'm also going to have a huge mirror for outfit post and making sure I look suitable before stepping outside in the morning!!!!

Who knew how on trend I would be!? I got an email from Who What Wear about cascading earrings. I haven't worn a dangly earring in such a long time and decided to break these out of hiding.

So in love with this color. Gorgeous!!

So now that I've seen all of this gorgeous furniture, I'm selling everything I own (minus a purse or two) plus my left kidney to get new stuff. Do I have any takers? Lol, seriously, that nook isn't going to pay for itself. :)

Outfit Details:
White tee- Target
Green cardigan- Madewell
Denim jeans- J Brand
Tan wedge boots- Crocs (yes, Crocs!)
Tan ostrich clutch-Urban Expressions
Green pea coat- Tulle


  1. Green looks good on you! Great outfit.
    Oh, I want everything...especially that huge mirror.

  2. Loving those boots!!

  3. I just have the dumbest question ever...

    I consigned my Tulle peacoat just like that one to Mint Condition in Old Town Alexandria and I know that it sold and I was wondering if you were the person who bought it? If so, how freakin' looks way better on you than me. :)

    If not, great minds and is a fab coat and it looks really cute with that outfit!

  4. See, I go and answer my own question by reading your older posts. :) 8 dollars for that coat? AWESOME deal! If you ever consign that to Mint Condition, well, I am sure it would sell for much, much more than that! (Not that you should!)

    Anyhow, fun blog! Thanks for your great posts!

  5. Cute outfit. I love the scarf/boots/coat. Super cute.

  6. omg!!! this brings back such great memories. i took so many naps on a couch just like that b4 my b/f moved away to business school.

    love the scarf and love the little trend setter you ;)

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  7. Thanks guys!!!

    @dinagideon- That coat is from the Tulle website, I wasn't the one who got it from Mint Condition. I've been meaning to go there this weekend, but I can never remember what stree it is on so I gave up driving around. :)

    @simplychic- I'm following you on twitter now. The next step for me is to actually use it, lol.

  8. OMG, that scarf is soo cute. It really looks great with your outfit and your coat. You have totally inspired me to get a scarf like that the next time I see one. :)


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