Wednesday, December 1, 2010

You Inspire Me, J Crew Catalog Girl

If you are anything like I am, you are constantly inspired by the images and people you see. That super stylish co-worker who always comes in to work looking so pulled together rain or shine, the latest Lucky magazine showcasing a spread on wearing bright colors together, the paparazzi snapping a pic of your favorite celebrity wearing something that you would love to own, but probably can't afford.

I have a million pictures pasted into a sketch book and tons of pictures on my computer. Images I want to hold onto for future reference or something that sparks a, "hey, I can totally wear that." So with that, I want to introduce a segment called, You Inspire Me. I take something I've seen and re-create it using what I have in my wardrobe. First up, is Ms. Model from J. Crew's November catalog.

I loved the colors of this outfit when I saw it, but when I got up close and personal with the color and skirt at the store, it just wasn't the same. I imagined a deep, rich merlot-esque kind of color and saw clay instead and let's not speak of how that skirt's paperbag waist did me no favors. I already had a sweater in my closet and then Forever 21 came to the rescue with a skirt who's color was just what I wanted. I took a few liberties with what I wore, since bare legs were not in order for yesterday's weather. How did I do?

Outfit Details:
Camel coat- thrifted
White lace trim tank- Gap
Burgundy v-neck top- Mexx
Wine a-line skirt- Forever 21 (available here)
Wine tights- Hue (similar colors here)
Braided belt- consignment find
Tan booties- Madewell
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  1. I love this new little feature! I think you did well in wearing those warm hues! The coat is adorable, too! And I agree with you on the paperbag waist of that skirt -- unflattering! I'm glad you went a different route!

  2. Love the J. Crew catalog! What a great outfit!

  3. Oh you did awesome! Love the colors. I haven't even looked at my J. Crew catalog yet. Definitely need to, at least for some inspiration.

  4. It's eerie how we connect thru the blogs. Tonite I set up an Inspired By post, which will be a future series. So if you ever see it (way down the line), just know we were on the same page and I wasn't ripping you off ;-)

    I love the wine tones on you. Great recreation!

  5. in love with your interpretation!

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  6. @ Gigi- great minds think alike!!! I look forward to seeing your new feature. :)

    Thanks for the love guys!! There's more inspiration to come.


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