Saturday, November 6, 2010

OOTD-Like Kraft Mac n' Cheese, I've Got the Blues

Hope you are having a lovely weekend!! Make sure you set those clocks back, but most importantly, have some fun. I'm about to enjoy a scary movie night in a few. It will be even better snuggled up under a blanket that I'll use to shield my eyes for any terrifying scenes.

One outfit that I wore this week was a bit of a departure for me. I like to coordinate certain things like a belt to a color in my top or my bag to my shoes or something of that nature, but it is rare that I wear the same color from top to bottom. I thought the different shades of blue would keep the whole ensemble from looking too stale. All in all, I kind of liked this experiment in color although I don't think my wardrobe could let me try it again unless I'm wearing black.  Although I could do head to toe pink, but that might make me look like a Barbie. I'm not quite ready to live in a Barbie world, unless it comes with that lovely pink convertible and a dream house.

Outfit Details:
Tan trench- Jean Paul Gaultier for Target
Blue tee- Target
Blue cardigan- Madewell
Blue cropped pants- J Crew
Cheetah (?) pumps- J Crew via Ebay
Knit fedora- Forever 21 (available here)


  1. Hooray for silk pants!

  2. cute trench! i like the stripes.

  3. Lol, I'm trying to work the silky pants before it gets really cold.

    @simplychic- thanks!! I thought the stripes added a bit something to an otherwise simple trench.

  4. Those shoes are sooo fab. I can never find any cute shoes on eBay in my size (for a decent price of course).


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