Monday, November 8, 2010

OOTD- Around the Town in Sweats

Did you all have a lovely weekend? Relaxing was the name of my game. A little bit of shopping for me, some shopping for the bf, a trip to the store for toilet paper and junk food, and we even checked out these new apartment buildings they threw up in the neighborhood. We had some low expectations given how quickly they were built, but we were surprisingly seduced by the pub room, the pool, the good amount of space, the movie theater, the gym with the rock climbing wall, the double closet in that one unit. Too bad they charge an arm and a leg . I refuse to let him work 24 hrs, just so he can be downstairs playing pool while I'm playing dress up in the walk-in closets. I told him we have to forget we ever saw it. All other places will be tough to measure up when we are ready to find a place next year.

I had a different version of this outfit in my head, but it evolved into what I'm wearing when I realized a belt and some heels weren't going to give me the somewhat just rolled out of bed vibe I wanted. Although I have never been one to wear my cupcake pajama pants out on the street, this dress lets me be a bit more presentable for venturing outside and still feel just as comfy and look a lot cuter. I added a bit o' color with my scarf and tights for keeping warm, slipped on my boots and I was done. I was easy like Sunday morning, except it was Saturday. ;)

Outfit Details:
Gray sweatshirt dress- Theory (similar here, here, and pricey but cute here)
Red scarf- Love Quotes (similar here)
Confetti tights- Betsey Johnson (?)
Black buckled boots- Dolce Vita for Target (still available here)


  1. Shut up! Dolce Vita has a line at Target! Those are adorable. Cute, causal outfit!

  2. Those boots are amazing. I didn't even know that Dolce Vita had a line at Target! Ack!!! And the sweater dress is AMAZING.

    I hate it whenever you want to satiate your curiosity about a complex and end up loving it too much and comparing everything else to it, haha! But good luck to you and the BF when you guys start looking for a new place next year!

  3. Target totally snuck the Dolce Vita line into the store. I wouldn't have realized it either until I saw another bloggers pictures.

    @ amy kelinda- I'm sure the bf and I will find something, but dang if I didn't feel sad about having to leave that apartment, lol.

  4. Shut up! Dolce Vita has a line at Target! Those are adorable. Cute, causal outfit!


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