Monday, January 10, 2011

OOTD-Chaplin's Tap Dance in Pink

The bf likes to call me Charlie Chaplin when I wear this hat.

I've had this outfit drawn in my Styleit (see post here) for quite some time now and despite the frigid temperatures going on, I couldn't wait to wear it. Tweed and pink are a winning combination in my book. Now if I could only find it in a Chanel blazer that will not cost me 4 figures, I'll be a happy woman. I'm not holding my breath on that one though.

What is one ultimate item you would love to have in your closet, but doubt will ever be there unless you win the lottery?

Outfit Details:
Pink turtleneck sweater- La Redoute
Tweed shorts- Rebecca Taylor (similar style in limited sizes but great price here)
Black fedora- Forever 21
Black buckle boots- Dolce Vita for Target (on sale here)
Mixed metal necklace- Target
Bracelet and watch- Target and Accessores & Beyond (available here)
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  1. Lady, you look so GORGEOUS in that last photo! You have perfect skin, I am so envious, haha! And pink + tweed is adorable, as is your little bowler hat. As for having something that will only be possible if I win the lottery, it'd be a classic Chanel flap handbag. *wistful sigh*

  2. @Amy Kelinda- Aww, thank you!! I get it from my momma, lol.
    You are not the only one wishing for that Chanel flap....someday.


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