Monday, March 28, 2011

Snack Break- Should Be Working, But I'd Rather Shop

Taking a bit of a break on this Monday to drool over some lovely new items. Will I cave under temptation or just get back to work?

Can you just imagine this with a cute pencil skirt or jeans or a nice cropped pant? Could be such a versatile wardrobe item.

I've had my black F+C for over 2+ years now and I still love it. This would make such a wonderful warm weather bag.

I think I'm going through a boho phase and the tassels on this sweater would be perfect to fit the bill. I could even go even further by wearing it with my Tory Burch clogs. Hello 70's, here I come!!

I saw these wedges on Sincerely, Jules and about died. I'm pretty sure printed shoes are missing from my closet and with so many colors, these would be a nice pop with a simple outfit.

My denim choices up until now have been whether or not to go light, medium or dark wash blue denim, but a colored pair would be a nice breath of fresh air. I could go totally preppy with a striped top (perhaps my confetti striped sweater).

Tell me what you've been craving!


  1. Love the very first top! I think for me, the must item is a pair of wide leg jeans.

  2. I love that Folry and Corrina bag!! They do such a great job of taking their classic silhouette and updating it to keep it fresh. That's definitely the pick that's got me swooning!!

    xo, Ashley

  3. That striped top is fantastic! I can envision it with a skinny red striped belt.

    And the F+C bag - oh drooool ...

  4. Those wedges are pretty awesome!


  5. I am loving the tassel sweater! And the yellow denim is so fun! I'm currently craving a poncho. It's weird, but there it is, haha!

  6. love the color of those jeans! i need to get some when i am off my shopping diet.

  7. Those wedges are pretty awesome!



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