Tuesday, May 17, 2011

OOTD- The Girl I Used to Be

This past weekend's weather tried to put a damper on hanging outside, so the bf and I headed to the refuge of the mall. We (mainly me) made out like bandits at H&M,  scarfed down some hot wings after a serious week-long craving and enjoyed some movie time watching Bridesmaids (surprisingly funny although it's not the kind of movie I rush to see). I made the day even better by wearing my new earrings and this beautiful colored skirt that I scored the last time I went thrifting. I couldn't believe my luck since it is perfectly on trend.

Has anyone else gone through different clothing and/or jewelry phases? When I was younger I wore all kinds of hoops and dangly earrings, but the past few years it's been nothing but small studs. I don't know if this recent earring purchase is a manifestation of my current love of all things boho or a return to my former self. One things for sure, style is a constant evolution.

Outfit Details:
Gray sweatshirt- Forever 21
Purple skirt- thrifted (gorgeous, more expensive alternative here, similar pencil version here)
Tan sandals- Belle by Sigerson Morrison
Orange bag- Rebecca Minkoff MAM
Desert Sand Earrings- JewelMint (closer look here)


  1. That skirt is really pretty. Nice find.

  2. What a simplet so sophisticated look! The purple skirt makes all the difference. Girls, take notes!

  3. Nice thrift find lady! I think this weekend is gonna be better here in DC which means, no rain! Yay!

  4. I think my style is constantly evolving, which includes my jewelry. I go through focusing on my earrings, then switch to necklaces, then I only want big things, then only small. So, no, you are not alone. :)

  5. That skirt is really pretty. Nice find.


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