Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Looting Target- My Missoni x Targ Haul

There was some serious Missoni for Target madness going on today!!! I heard fights even broke out in some store. Is the zig-zag throw really worth the madness?? I don't know, but I joked that I might have to throw some 'bows for that pretty bike:

I decided to head out to the stores before work this morning and check out the racks, especially since the website was acting silly and slow. I got there around 8:45am and the store was crawling with fellow fashionistas who cleared out a good amount of the selection. We were all like vultures around the cart of returns. I had some luck on my side today and managed to snag a few goodies:


I got one last thing and wanted to get your opinion. Is this skirt a yes or no?

The one item I really wanted was the throw and managed to find the only one in the store. There are lots of patterned good stuff here but I'm in the process of weeding through what to keep or not. The throw and serving trays have made the cut so far.

Are you a fan of this latest Target collaboration? Did you try and succeed or fail to get anything today?


  1. LUCKY! I went after school today and everything was picked over except for the ballet flats. My Target had the flats in purple/black/green and the children's flats in your pattern. I liked the kids' flats better.

    I think it's a skirt, hehe. It looks good on you. If you find another one, I want it!

  2. I'll definitely keep an eye out, but I only saw one other skirt in the store. I wish I had gotten the blue one though.

  3. The skirt is a YES!!! You must keep it!

  4. I think the skirt is cute as long as you are comfortable with the length. I tried to get some cardigans and failed, but I was successful with the dresses!

  5. I tried to order online today but everything is sold out. Really shocking
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