Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Notes from the Dressing Room- Chicness Abounds at Ann Taylor

An email arrived in my inbox yesterday from Ann Taylor touting 40% off everything. Now, my perception of Ann Taylor has been simple and basic for quite sometime and that usually doesn't leave me excited to visit the stores very often, but such a good deal had me interested. I headed off to the store yesterday to take a look and I have to say I still saw simple and basic, but was pleasantly surprised at the level of sophistication and chicness in so many of the fall pieces. Here is a review of a few of those items:

Faux Leather Trim Moto Jacket, $168, available here
Ponte Pleat Mini Skirt, $98, limited sizes available here

This hybrid would make a great fall item. It has the versatility of being a jacket or a sweater, it has a good weight to it and lots of interesting details. I loved the dark trimming and soft color. The minus for me is that the high collar was a bit constricting and itchy when buttoned up and knits aren't always so flattering for me, but overall this was a great quality jacket.

I seriously heart this skirt. The floaty bottom is so fun and flirty, it is made of that stretchy knit designed to hold all of your goods in place and not have every nook and cranny of your body on display, plus the length isn't obscenely short. The fit is tts and gets a big thumbs up.

Windsor Check Sheath Dress, $148, available here
Normally, a sheath dress would be so simple and probably boring, but the black trim on this one takes it to another level. I absolutely love this dress!! At first glance, I thought this was a tweed dress, but upon closer inspection it is a nice, medium-weight knit. The lines of this dress are placed to emphasis and flatter the lines of the body. This dress has a wonderful sophistication to it and would look great alone or paired with a smart blazer and sexy shoes. I tried this on in my normal size and the fit was a bit snug. You might consider sizing up, especially if you are curvy or busty.


Sleeveless Trench Topper, $228, available here
What I thought was a trench dress, turns out to be an actual trench, but I think it could work both ways. It is simple and classic. It fits great and has a nice feel to it because of the good quality fabric and lining. Tried on in my normal size and I think you could possibly size down in this number. The only downside I see is the belt, but that is such an easy swap out. Thumbs up!!

Shawl Collar Blouse, $78, available here
Asymmetrical Pointe Skirt, $88, available here
I had to add some print into the mix and this pretty blouse caught my eye. It has a lovely, gold bar enclosure on the side, a nice drape around the collar and would be extremely versatile for work and weekend. My issue with it is the rather low-cut neckline and tucking this blouse into a pant/skirt would detract and distract from its great qualities.

I was attracted to the golden yellow color of this skirt and thought the asymmetrical hem added an interesting element. This skirt was comfortable, a little bit different and overall a good value. Fit is tts.

Country Check Jacket, $198, available here

There is nothing better than a good blazer, so I decided to give this one a go. It has a small check pattern and the sleeves are a darker gray than the rest of the body. I was certainly intrigued by that aspect. This jacket is on par with J. Crew's prices and to me, AT definitely gives them a run for their money. This blazer wasn't bulky and would be perfect for layering; the fit was tts and comfortable. The buttons are actually hidden when you close up the blazer which helps to create a nice, clean line although they are a bit tricky to deal with. The only minuses I had for this item were the bulky shoulder pads. I'm just not a fan.

I behaved myself yesterday and walked out with no bags (especially since I overloaded at the Missoni for Target launch), however a few of these things are taunting me. If you work in a business environment or just like to have great basics, I highly recommend you take a glance at AT. And with 40%, you can get more bang for your buck. And definitely check out the shoes, bags and jewelry. I almost slipped up and went to the register with all of those wonderful, eye-catching accessories.

Will you be taking advantage of Ann Taylor's offer? Are you a fan of the store?


  1. I personally am not an avid Ann Taylor shopper, but I am loving that last outfit with the yellow skirt. It just peaked my curiosity...thanks. :)

  2. I like ann Taylor but too pricey. I will get an outfit from Ann Taylor loft though when they are on sale.
    Kemi at

  3. I totally had a pencil flare skirt from the Gap years ago - that I sold and now totally regret because I want that AT skirt you've got on!

    (BTW, is that Marc I spy?)

  4. Lol, Lisa, how could you give up such a fun skirt?? That was definitely one of my favorites in the store.

    Yes, you are spying my new baby Natasha. I had to have her when she showed up in a burgundy color.

  5. I agree that Ann Taylor is a bit pricey, but they definitely have great sales too.

  6. I'm not an avid AT shopper either, but there are some hidden treasures among the racks.

  7. Yeah, you totally need to tell me where you live and where you leave the spare key when you're not home! ;o)

  8. I was thinking about the jacket, but I passed after you said it wsa itchy. I got the Lilia platform buckle pump in black. I usually only check out AT when they're having a sale.

  9. Oh my, you got a hot pair of boots!!! If I could wear 5 inch heels, I would definitely get those.

  10. ann taylor has a sale on the Windsor Check Sheath Dress right now! Its only $40!

  11. The Trench Topper looks great on you! WHBM has something similar in style as well! Plus they always have items on sale, so that's why I'm an avid fan.


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