Friday, September 2, 2011

OOTD-In Before the Deadline

Although I don't firmly stick to those antiquated fashion rules, including don't wear white after Labor Day; I thought I should still wear those summer-y items in my closet before Monday (and the end of summer)rolls around. Apparently, my friend had the same thought because when I meet her after work she was wearing a white blazer too. :)
I know I'll be craving darker colors and wool and cashmere, so this little number will get less attention come fall. Speaking of rules, I think tackling navy and black together might actually happen this year. I feel like living on the edge just a little!!

Are there any fashion "rules" that you still have a hard time letting go?

Outfit Details:
White Blazer and necklace- Forever 21 (similar blazer here, necklace available here)
Yellow draped blouse- Zara (old)
Navy metallic skirt- LOFT
Lavender belt- J. Crew
Leopard watch- Timex (available here; similar watch here and here)
Lilac studded handbag- Spotted Moth (available here)
Cap toe ballet flats- Delman via Gilt (similar in larger sizes here, similar color here)


  1. Gorgeous! I am loving yellow right now. My fave combo has been yellow and black or with gray. Your bag is beautiful and an unexpected color addition! I'm don't follow the "rules" much, either... but do like warmer tones and neutrals when the weather gets cool. Have been considering keeping my white skinny jeans out to tuck into boots with cozy sweaters.

    Wearing motherhood with style.

  2. I love your looks! Everything always looks so well-put together and elegant. And when I look at who the pieces are by, I'm completely blow away.


  3. Thank you so much. That comment really makes me happy to hear.
    I'm all about mixing high with low (mainly low) and I'm a serious bargain shopper at heart.

  4. Thanks Van! I am totally jealous that you have white skinny jeans. I would definitely rock the same outfit (tucked in boots with a sweater) if I had a pair.
    I'm hoping to find the right way to do navy and black. I think I need to go look at some Parisian women for inspiration. They always do it right.

  5. Seeing your white blazer reminds me that I haven't worn mine yet this summer. Since it has been crazy hot here, I probably won't wear it until mid-September. And, I am SUPER excited about wearing my white dresses in the summer. I am loving your flats. Very Chanel-esque!

  6. The texture on your navy skirt is amazing! I'm glad you're back to outfit posts. I've missed you (and your handbag collection). :o)

  7. Another great outfit! Love those flats.

    I seriously hate fashion rules...I don't know how decided that black and brown shouldn't be mixed together (love that color combo btw) or black and navy. If you like it and you feel comfortable wearing it, that's what matters :)

    Have a great weekend!


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