Friday, November 4, 2011

OOTD- Flight of the Crazy Bird

It's the return of the birds!! They just keep coming back. I had two reasons for wearing this dress: a.) I love it and would wear it at least once a week but I'm sure we'd all get sick of that and b.) in the span of a week I've seen two different bird dresses. I thought I would let you ladies get in on the tweet, tweet action too.

I have a lot of texture and pattern going on in this outfit, but it is a total win for me. I love all of these pieces, especially my new grandpa cardigan. Seriously, is there nothing better on a crisp day than a warm and cozy sweater? And if all of my birds and the pattern of my knit wasn't enough, I added polka dots on top of that. Is it all a bit too much? Quite possibly, but if it is, just let me be crazy pattern lady for the day.

Outfit Details:
Bird dress- Erin Fetherston (similar here and here)
Marled cardigan- J. Crew (similar here, here and plus-size here)
Polka dot tights- Madewell (available here)
Black belt- J. Crew (similar here in suede)
Black buckle boots- Dolce Vita for Target
Black handbag- barr+barr


  1. Love the bird dress and the different ways you've styled it so far.
    The first thing I noticed though were your glasses, they look adorable on you.

  2. Cute birdies! The polka dot tights actually tie into the polka dots on the birdie. So not too busy. :)

  3. Thanks Kimmie! I was trying to tie in the dots on the dress to the tights so there would be some cohesion in the outfit.

  4. Thanks Lilly! I'm glad you like the glasses and the dress. :)

  5. beautiful cardigan and dress!! it looks fab on you! x

  6. How cute are you?! I love that dress, the whole look works so well on you!

  7. Your bird print dress is gorgeous! How whimsical. Love how the polka dotted tights adds to the charm of this look.


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