Friday, November 11, 2011

Taking a Shopping Break

I'll probably be on a mini blog hiatus while my eyes recover from laser eye surgery, so I decided to give you guys some lovely new items to look at (since I probably can't):

Milly Luggage Lock Camille Coat, $750, available here

Milly can do no wrong when it comes to lady-like and prettiness. What better way to go through this season than with a beautiful statement coat.

Forever 21 Perforated Leather Gloves, $14.80, available here

How pretty is this color and that bow is just the cutest touch.

Botkier Eden Satchel, $595, available here

This made my heart go pitter-patter! Classy and fun, the perfect combo!

Tory Burch Iphone Case, $48, available here

I'm on a search for the perfect phone case, this one has some personality!

Boutique 9 Cesena Wedge, $150, available here

Purple hotness! It's like Prince in shoe form!

Gucci Oliver Pug Dog Key Chain, $185, available here

Definitely pricey for a small item, but look at that cute Oliver!!

Happy Shopping!!


  1. hopefully you (and your eyes) recover fast and i cant wait when you are back.
    enjoy your weekend!

  2. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  3. Hope you have a speedy recovery. Sending hugs yours way.

  4. Oh you're brave, I would love to do it but I'm too much of a wimp.

  5. Good luck with the surgery! I had mine done a year ago and it has changed my life - 30 years of contact lenses...

  6. Hope things went uneventfully through your surgery - are you life-changed yet? ;o)


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