Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Hodge Podge

First off, I want to thank all of you wonderful guys for the well wishes for a speedy eye recovery. It made my heart happy. Although things are bit fuzzy (especially print and especially on the computer screen), my vision is improving (slooooowly) every day and it is such a weird and wonderful thing not needing to put in my contacts.

I'm not quite ready for an outfit post since I have not been wearing any make-up and don't need to subject you guys to that look, so instead here are a few random pics over the past few weeks:

Me crying (not really) about the soon to be loss of my glasses (before surgery)

Shoes I tried on at Gap recently. Still debating if I should get them, what do you think?

Stamped leather boot, available here

Arm Party!!! Leopard watch, new skull bracelet, and spike bracelet

Timex Easy Reader Leopard watch, available here
Skulls Drawcord bracelet, available here
Forever 21 Spike bracelet, similar version here

Random outfit never posted (oops):

J. Crew Tippi sweater in bright dahlia, available here 
Equipment Sophie striped blouse, similar here
Marc by Marc Jacobs "Natasha" handbag, available here


  1. love it all, and the booties are adorable, I can see you wearing them with a lot!

  2. i am glad you are back!
    the tippi sweater with the equipment blouse is a great look and i am joining the armparty!
    i would get the boots!

  3. forgot to say check out the armparty on my blog!

  4. Really love the skull bracelet!

  5. I've been in the crapper w/blogging, reading blogs and such due to this little thing we here at the bird call 'the work'. Girl you are SO BRAVE for getting eye surgery. I'm so glad it's come out well!! YAHOO!! Now leave those boots behind and get a clarisonic. I got a ghd iron instead due to 'watching my pennies', but am putting that clarisonee (pet name) on my Christmas list!!

  6. Get the boots! I've been loving ankle boots lately, mostly because I don't have to keep tugging at them to keep them up!

    I am going to miss you in your glasses, but I know laser surgery works wonders! Come back soon!

  7. I would put the Clarisonic on my wish list but I can see most people wondering why the heck I want to spend so much money on a brush. I'll get on some day.

  8. I'm still thinking about them. That must be a sign to buy.


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