Thursday, December 22, 2011

OOTD- Pop & Roar

And a secret little holiday spirit via my socks:

I'm usually not one for holiday themed dressing (or even wearing colors associated with a holiday), but I thought these socks would start my week off with some great Christmas cheer.

I had been obsessed with finding a hot pink sweater ever since I saw images of this Tibi sweater earlier in the fall. I am no stranger to color or pink, so it was lust at first sight when I saw it, but I was immediately turned off by the high price tag. I love you Tibi, but it was not going to happen. So I did what I always do when my soda budget doesn't allow for champagne dreams; I went on a relentless manhunt for a suitable alternative. Forever 21 eventually heard my calls and came to the rescue and me and the hot pink sweater lived happily ever after. This is my first time wearing it and I love its vibrancy, but so much pink might be too much for work. A navy blazer and leopard scarf helped temper the blinding color and I'm sure my co-workers were thankful for not having to wear shades in the office.

When you find something you completely love, but is way out of your budget, do you:
A.) Just dream about it, but never really end up buying?
B.) Save your money up to eventually get it?
C.) Find an alternative or designer "inspired" version?
D.) Stalk that baby until the price is right?

Outfit Details:
Neon pink sweater- Forever 21 (similar here in short-sleeve, similar here in lighter shade)
Blue blazer- Lauren Ralph Lauren (similar vibe here, pricier version from a fave designer here, cheaper version in cotton here)
Denim- Joe's Jeans
Leopard scarf- ASOS (similar here, here in a knit, gray version with sequins here)
Tan boots- (old) Madewell (similar version this year here, similar here)


  1. Love the pop of color the sweater adds.

    When I fall in love with something I either do C or D. Each time I say I'm going to get this pricey purse or shoes or whatever I can't bring myself to spend the large amount of $ on it.

  2. We're bright twins! Check out my recent post on the same color! I'm a stalker. There have been items that I covet for months and once the price is right, I buy it. Either that or I stalk on eBay because I know someone on there will sell it.

  3. I'm cheap, so I totally manhunt for a less-expensive alternative! Love that bright pink on your complexion!

  4. How cute are those socks! I love printed and colored ones. i don't seem to own any basic white ones at all lol.


  5. depends. I have snatched up things instantly regardless of price if I know I will get lots of use out of it or am completely obsessed. Other times I will wait for a sale or buy something similar. Love the pink!

  6. <Love your socks for a little bit of holiday cheer...I typically steer away from too much holiday themed dressing myself...but a little acessory here or there is fun! At the very least a conversation starter, lol.
    Love that leopard scarf:)

  7. Hmm, my comment just disappeared, that was weird? the little bit of holiday cheer with your socks..and LOVE that leopard scarf:) C


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