Saturday, December 24, 2011

Stocking Hung with Care and Fun Treats

I just want to wish all of my wonderful readers a Merry Christmas and the happiest of holidays. 

I'm gearing myself up on the annual viewing of one of my favorite holiday movies:

Drinking a little bit of this:

And eye-balling my present under the tree, counting down the hours until I can rip it open:

Okay, I know what it is but apparently there are extras in there and I have no clue what they are; the suspense is killing me!!

I hope you get lots of great presents, quality time with your loved ones and a belly full of yummy treats!!


  1. I love that movie. Can't wait to watch it on Christmas! :) A merry one to you!

  2. merry christmas to you !

  3. Hope you had a nice christmas holiday with lots of delicious food, great presents and wonderful people around you. xx


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