Monday, December 5, 2011

OOTD- Shopping Strut

So I woke up really early on Saturday because my mother invited me to an event at Nordstrom. I got there on time, ready to shop and discovered that the doors were locked and no one was there!! Perhaps it was because I had the wrong day (Sunday, not Saturday). D'oh! Have you guys ever had such a forehead slap moment?

Since I was up so early, I coerced my Mr. to go to breakfast and then we headed to the outlets (I mean, it was one exit away, why not, right?).

There's an extra special early Xmas gift in that Nordstrom Rack bag that I can't wait to share. I'm just trying to decide if I want to be good and wait until after the 25th to wear it or if I should start now. I can't believe that's a dilemma for me. I'm sure you'll see me with it in my next set of pictures. :)

Do you find gift shopping easy or difficult? 

My mother told me once that I give very thoughtful gifts. I definitely try, but the part of actually figuring out what to get is not always easy, especially for the person who doesn't want for anything (aka my father).

Outfit Details:
Blue hoodie-
Blue/green striped tee- H&M (very similar top here, similar sweater here in blue, colorblock top with similar colors here)
Blue leggings- Forever 21
Tan otk boots- (old) LOFT (similar here with wedge, similar here in brown)
Leopard handbag- Olivia + Joy (available here, similar here, my favorite here)
Mixed metal chain- Target
Tan coat- Uniqlo (similar here and here)


  1. Oh no, I've done that before. Oh well, at least you got some shopping done. I wonder what's in the mystery Nordstrom Rack bag...

  2. I am loving those boots and in LOVE with that handbag!

    We all have brain farts every now and I hate shopping for other folk. It's not the giving part that I don't like because I love giving gifts, it is the figuring out what the gift should be.


  3. I've been a terrible holiday shopper because I've purchased 0 gifts so far this year - I just can't seem to get my act together and figure out what I want to get people!


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